The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health at 1pm confirmed an accumulated total of 1649 cases of coronavirus COVID-19 detected in the Archipelago, as of 8pm Sunday, April 5, 2020. Cumulatively, a total of 651 people have required hospitalisation and 133 have been admitted in ICU. In addition, a total of 157 cases have been discharged and 85 have died.

The total number of health personnel with COVID-19 stands at 336. It should also be noted that, since Monday, March 30, the number of patients discharged has been higher than reported fatalities .

The SCS General Directorate of Public Health say they have modified and improved the daily epidemiological report of Covid-19, with regards to the data spread, so the information that has been offered from today now records cases registered according to of the place of declaration and not that of residence, as had been done up until now. This is because there are people who reside on one island but their health card is registered on another, making it difficult to process the data.

So there has been a little shift in the number, according to this new criterion, there have been 1080 cases detected in all on Tenerife; 411 on Gran Canaria; 66 on La Palma; 58 on Lanzarote; 23 on Fuerteventura; 7 on La Gomera and 1 on El Hierro. Three cases have been mismatched and those cases,  at the time of closing the report had not yet been resolved, which will be reflected in the report issued tomorrow.

Source: Canary Islands Government