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Could Canary Islands be through the worst of Covid-19 already?

Could Canary Islands be through the worst of Covid-19 already?
A spokesman for the scientific committee that advises the Government of the Canary Islands on the coronavirus, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (ULPGC), Lluis Serra, said on Friday that “without any doubt” the peak of infections in the Canary Islands has already past and that in his opinion that restrictions on confinement may be lifted, in a progressive manner as we move through April.

Of course, he warned during an interview on Canarias Radio that the “battle is not won”, stressing that we must all still comply with the restrictions.


“We have good news in the sense that we [the Canary Islands] have already left the famous spike behind us. We can affirm without any doubt that the spike in infections has passed us and we are even passing the peak of new hospitalizations, we are having to admit fewer Covid-19 patients to our hospitals and our ICUs” he remarked.

He explained that with the newly arrived tests, he does not expect a significant increase in the figures either, and explained that if there are, most will be previous infections, not new ones.

All in all, he was very positive “if nothing is twisted”: “Because there are fragile elements, but if people continue to confine themselves and the health workers continue attending, isolating and applying adequate treatments, there is no doubt that we will also see a decrease in the curve of hospitalized people.” he added.

The cumulative total of coronavirus infections in The Canary Islands confirmed so far stands at 1564, with 78 reported dead and 123 recovered. With new infections appearing to slow it looks very much like Canary Islanders have been very lucky thus far in an emergency that as left nearly 11,000 people dead throughout Spain, out of nearly 120,000 conform infections

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  1. jan

    But now the measures in the Canary Islands are the same as on the main land although the conditions are NOT similar at all. The measures taken are totally out of context. 0,5 promille ill people on the total population looks like an average April month. The media Corona Hype should stop.
    The government should not be allowed to keep this measures in place, it is mal administration.

  2. Jan

    If the measures on Gran Canaria are really extended to May 15th, the Canary government can expect people no longer to comply.
    No new people that are coming on the islands (Only locals), can easily be tested, only 400 people are ill and there are 60.000 test kits, people are already 3 weeks at home, if no virus now, they are not infected (anymore). People with cold or sneeze stay home, the rest go back to normal work / behavior.
    Not possible to swim in sea and have one hour hot sand on my back is worse for my immune system (Arthritis) then this lock-down. The pandemic is NOT on the canary islands, no more people die then other years.

    Please inform the proper authorities, this is very bath government.