The Canary Islands Regional Government Ministry of Health has confirmed 657 accumulated cases of COVID-19 coronavirus detected since the crisis began.  Of these, 235 people have required hospitalisation; of which 43 have required the Intensive Care Unit. The number of recovered patients discharged has increased to 15 and there are now 21 dead, 10 women and 11 men, almost all of whom were elderly and/or presented previous underlying conditions.

Tenerife has confirmed 409 cases, Gran Canaria 171, La Palma 33, Fuerteventura 20, Lanzarote 17, La Gomera 4 and El Hierro has 3.

GRAN CANARIA557097119135158171
LA PALMA551114212433
LA GOMERA3333334
EL HIERRO0012233

Coronavirus hotline

For the sake of better care, the entire population is asked to use resources rationally.

The official coronavirus information service telephone number, enabled by the Ministry of Health, is 900 112 061. This line has been fully staffed to assist all those who have symptoms (such as cough, fever, headache, diarrhoea, etc.) and who may have had contact with affected people or have recently travelled to risk areas. From that phone line ALL testing is to be assessed and managed, leaving the 1-1-2 response line only for emergencies.

The Ministry of Health emphasise that the results of coronavirus tests carried out are to be communicated by phone directly to the person involved, and so these priority information and emergency numbers should not be called to request results, since there is a risk of lines collapse which people may need to contact.

Need to donate blood

The Canary Islands Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH) have reminded everyone of the importance of donating blood in order to maintain the necessary reserves for healthcare needs as blood expires and demand is expected to increase over the coming days.

Source: Canary Islands Government News Portal