The Mogán Policía Local report that they have detained an alleged drug dealer in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria after stopping a vehicle for breaking curfew on Alert Level 3 to discover that he was carrying hashish, marijuana and cocaine, in addition to €237,15 in cash.


Just after 3:00 a.m. on April 20, two local police noticed a car driving around, after the curfew limits established by the Government of the Canary Islands, as a measure against COVID-19, on the tourist enclave’s main street, Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch.  They stopped the vehicle, and picked up on a “suspicious attitude and nervousness” from the driver, who insisted that he was on the public road because until that moment he had been celebrating Ramadan at his mother’s house.

After conducting a superficial search, the agents discovered that the man was hiding a plastic bag with two pieces of a compact brown substance, presumed to be hashish, another wrapper with a green plant substance, likely to be marijuana, a black bag with white powder, possibly cocaine, and a precision scales. In addition, in the front pocket, a total of €237,15 in cash was found, that the man claimed was his property. Immediately afterwards, the Mogán Local Police, who report to the local town hall of Mogán, detained him for the commission of an alleged crime against public health.

Editor’s Comment:

While we applaud the diligence and hard work of the Mogán Local Police, on this matter, we must wonder if the capture of a low level weed dealer is really the very best use of their time, particularly while the unhappy residents of Calle Tasartico have been complaining about noisy youths roaming the streets and disturbing people’s sleep during curfew hours.  There are some who even complain of riots on their doorstep, an alleged crime wave and uncontrolled violence, however there appears to be very little evidence of anything more than, very occasional, if noisy, altercations, almost exclusively between the youths themselves, who have been temporarily accommodated under the care of the Regional Government, due to being unaccompanied minors, and who are due to be moved from the town quite shortly.

Nonetheless, what ever the case, it seems the Mogán Local Police force are actively engaged in detecting even the smallest criminal activities in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and felt this particular bust worthy of announcement.


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La Policía Local de Mogán ha…

Posted by Ayuntamiento de Mogán on Tuesday, April 27, 2021