The forest fire that started at around 11:45 a.m. in the Chajaña area, in the municipality of Arico, on Tenerife, at 7:30 p.m. was declared a Level 2 emergency at the request of the Cabildo de Tenerife, as per the Government of the Canary Islands emergency direction, applying the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Assistance for Forest Fires in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (INFOCA).


The territorial scope of the emergency, at the time of the declaration, includes the municipality of Arico, with an area of ​​around 400 hectares already affected, and does not currently include population centres, so it has not been necessary to carry out evacuations.

Today six air resources have intervened: three helicopters from the Emergency and Rescue Group of the Government of the Canary Islands (GES), another from the Cabildo de Tenerife, a seaplane from the Spanish Air Force and a helicopter from the Guardia Civil in coordination aerial functions. By land, a hundred firefighters from the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Consortium of Firefighters and the EIRIF teams of the Government of the Canary Islands based on La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera have all participated, as well as security resources in controlling accesses. For tonight the incorporation of 40 servicemen from the Military Emergency Unit (UME), with water pumping and fire fighting equipment are scheduled to join the extinction tasks.