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Southern Mayor Conchi calls on citizens to report crimes, even involving migrants, and not just post on social media

Southern Mayor Conchi calls on citizens to report crimes, even involving migrants, and not just post on social media

The southern mayor Conchi Narváez in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, has openly encouraged citizens of the southern municipality to report any criminal acts committed, including those they suspect have been perpetrated by immigrants “and not only posted on social networks.”  Her municipal town hall is responsible for several areas including Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and San Agustín.

Narváez has today indicated that only in this way will she be able to request more security personnel from the Spanish Government Delegation, it they are needed, as well as from the hotel companies that accommodate migrants, which she makes clear she will also request.

Narváez has called a Local Security Board meeting for next Tuesday, January 19, at 10:00 am, incidents and altercations involving migrants will be studied and analysed due to feelings of insecurity being experienced in the municipality, which will be seriously discussed.

Security agents including the Policia Local, the Policia Nacional and the Red Cross have been summoned to the meeting, along with companies that have welcomed migrants at their facilities and the Government Delegation of Spain has been invited to attend.

The southern mayor Conchi has pointed out that all people who arrive illegally are issued with an expulsion order, but preferential expulsion orders, contemplated in article 234 of Spain’s Immigration Law, are issued for to any who are shown to be “endangering security and public order, so we will request expulsion for all those who fail to comply with harmony” she concluded.

Her statements follow various online publications, groups and individuals repeatedly alleging criminal behaviour, despite little evidence of such, and responds to residents who vocally demand greater security in the usually popular holiday resorts of the south, which have in recent months suffered from covid-19 restrictions closing down much of the tourism infrastructure, and in which several hotels and apartment complexes have temporarily accommodated irregular migrants in an effort to assist the Spanish government while official facilities are being set up elsewhere.  Her clear intention is to ensure that law and order is not only observed but is being properly policed, and not simply left to impressions given by uncorroborated claims using social networks and across the internet. Criminality will not be tolerated, and must be reported if it is to be dealt with effectively and legally.

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  1. William Neil

    I do hope they get it sorted it is not very nice to see gangs of young men hanging about doing nothing why dont they get them to clean surrounding areas or find some kind of useful work that could aid the community i have worked all my life now 65 and have my medical insurance bought my flat cash with savings and have money in the bank to cover anything have been coming to this island for 30yrs it was my dream to live here slowly turning into a nightmare you cant even stop in the street for a sit down all taken by young black men have a coffee and they walk past you staring my wife is very scared i have told many friends not to come over for holidays or to visit me and my wife you need to get it sorted asap