Residents and visitors of the sunny beach resort of Playa de Mogán now have a new recreational park, which was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 4th. The plot has stood vacant for decades and was once destined to host an Aquarium for which construction began in 1996 but was never finished.  It has taken 25 years to remedy the unused area with the total investment of €1,065,770.65 of which half a million euros came from the Secretary of State for Tourism and €350,909.44 from Gran Canaria Tourist board and the remainder from the community coffers of the local council.



The new recreational park, was given a green light in 2018 and announced in December 2019,  with a total area of ​​5,792 square meters and an different zones for children and sports, a picnic area, a small fenced agility area for dogs, a skatepark, green spaces, an amphitheater and a multifunction building in which a museum of traditional artisanal fishing will be installed soon.

The new leisure space is located in Plaza de Las Gañanías with several pedestrian accesses that connect to the road as well as an exclusive access for those who wish to go with their pets to the area created especially for dogs.

Among the services offered at this recreational park are the children’s area, adapted for minors with reduced mobility, a sports area with outdoor fitness equipment and for the practice of calisthenics (exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups). There is also a shaded picnic areas, landscaped areas, a walkable water fountain, the small fenced area for dogs and a place to skate. The amphitheater has a capacity for 450 people, which is attached to the multifunction building, making it possible to hold shows and other cultural and leisure activities in the open air.