Mogán town hall has announced their approval for Telefónica to deploy new generation fibre optic internet access throughout the municipality and several rural neighbourhoods including El Cercado, El Horno, El Palmito, La Humbridilla, Las Burrillas, Los Navarros, El Hornillo , Pie de la Cuesta, Barranquillo Andrés, Soria, Las Filipinas, Los Peñones, El Caidero, El Sao, and Barranco del Cura.

The deployment is due to take place, which is scheduled to start in June 2019 and will take about 12 months to complete.

Once this new generation network is installed, speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second will be achievable alongside High Definition and 3D TV channels providing excellent transmission capacity and quality with a signal “immune to external interference”.

The fibre installations will be carried by existing underground pipes, except for in those areas where it will be necessary to deploy aerial cabling using poles or building façades.

These neighbourhoods will join Arguineguín, Puerto Rico and Taurito who already have full access to this high speed data network..

The Town Hall have confirmed in a statement that “the Department of New Technologies have made all efforts to enable the implementation of this service that helps reduce the digital divide among citizens of the municipality according to their area of ​​residence, in addition to increasing business opportunities and provide existing companies with new solutions for their daily management”.

Mogán town hall, a few weeks ago, installed rapid charge totems for mobile devices in municipal offices and along several avenues in Playa de Mogán and Las Marañuelas in Arguineguín,  providing free Wi-Fi access to Plaza Pérez Galdós, and Nicolás Quesada park in Pueblo de Mogán, the surroundings of the Social Services Centre, Playa de Mogán and Las Marañuelas in Arguineguín, as well as the Municipal Gymnasium of Playa de Mogán and the sports complexes of Valle de Mogán and David Jiménez Silva.