The Town Hall of Mogán have announced the opening of the pedestrian coastal walk along the GC-500 road that links Arguineguín with Patalavaca after finally finishing the refurbishment and reinforcement works. The work was necessary and many felt long over due as the condition of the structure had fallen in serious disrepair.  The new walkway has been slightly raised to 25 meters above sea level, along multiple sections.

The works began last July along the 733 meters of pedestrian promenade that connects Arguineguín with Patalavaca, specifically from the Sunwing Hotel to the Doñana Apartments. The Councilor for Public Works, Ernesto Hernandez has said the work on the pedestrian walkway has been a project “of great difficulty, since part of the works complicated the reinforcement of several sections of the structure of the path, which is 25 meters above sea level and which were extremely[badly] deteriorated, even having had to be propped up along some sections”.

This aspect has been totally resolved and represents a substantial improvement between Arguineguín and Patalavaca, from which businesses in the area will benefit. In addition, the graffiti that had remained for years on the characteristic rocks along the walk, has now finally been removed. “The renovation is practically finished, with some minor jobs still to complete, but the important thing is that the [coastal walk] between Arguineguín and Patalavaca is [once more] available,” said Hernández.

For almost a year, citizens who have wanted to walk from Arguineguín to Patalavaca have had to do it by the lower dirt track at near sea level, strolling along the shore from the Costa Alegre.

The works consisted of two types of specific action; the preparation of the 733 meter walkway and the reinforcement of the structure, which required the demolition of several slabs and the placement of a newly prefabricated construction system that now rests on the remaining reinforced concrete supports that were still in good condition.

The other line of action of the work has been the conditioning of the walk, which included the replacement of the old balustrades using a new galvanized steel railing, the replacement of paving with an urban asphalt pavement and the placement of new street furniture, in addition to the repair and painting of the streetlamps as well as rehabilitation to and extensions of the shaded areas.

The walkway stands at approximately 25 meters above sea level and has privileged views of the Moganero coastline. The work was financed with half a million euros from the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Government of Spain, while Mogán Town Hall has contributed €75,000 of municipal funds.