Gran Canaria has been distinguished as the premier LGBTQ+ travel destination for 2023 by British travel agents, with the Travel Bulletin Star Award for LGBTQ+ Destination of the year. The island was honoured, at the end of October, among the top destinations of the year. The print and online publication, according to the Gran Canaria tourism board, is highly regarded within the UK tourism industry, and the only UK magazine exclusively for travel agents. The event, which saw over 500 sector representatives in attendance, celebrates the best in tourism products and services as voted by travel agencies themselves.


Renowned for its robust position within the British market, Gran Canaria boasts the highest repeat visitor rate, with some guests returning 3-4 times annually. This is attributed to the island’s vibrant schedule of activities and events throughout the year, including the multiple large format Carnivals and various Pride-styled celebrations following the success of the Yumbo’s original Maspalomas PRIDE Gran Canaria event, founded by GLAY some 21 years ago.

The LGBTQ+ segment now represents an estimated 15% of tourism on the island and is recognised for significantly higher spending and a general interest in high-quality tourism products and services. Beyond nightlife and daily entertainment, there’s a marked preference for activities such as hiking, tours, gastronomy, and cultural experiences.

At the Star Awards, a pivotal event for the British travel industry, Gran Canaria played a leading role as the main sponsor of the award ceremony. Promotion for Gran Canaria extended beyond the event day, with the island’s logo displayed across all screens and continued through pre- and post-ceremony publications, both in print and digital formats. As award winners, Gran Canaria also receives a special feature in Travel Bulletin’s magazine edition.

The Star Awards 2023 conclude a significant promotional campaign by Gran Canaria with Travel Bulletin, leading up to the winter of 2023-24. The efforts spanned from September to October, incorporating broad print and digital advertising, virtual training, social media promotions, and were highlighted by a giveaway of a stay at Seaside Palm Beach, further engaging travel agents in the campaign activities.