Mogán Town Hall, responsible for the tourist resorts of South West Gran Canaria, have fined five establishments for administrative infractions they have classified as very serious. 


‘Tiffany’s’ bar in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria were issued a fine of €15,001 for broadcasting music with a loudspeaker outside their establishment without having the authorisation to do so. The popular tourist bar also had to suspend activity for one day.

The ‘Dragón II’ bar was also fined for having live music without authorisation, in a breach of the law on classified activities and public shows, as well as local for environmental protection ordinances against the emission of noise and vibration. They were also fined €15,001 and must close for fifteen days.

Music bars ‘Sinatra’ and ‘Bora-Bora’ must also pay €15,001 each and suspend activities for fifteen days, for broadcasting music outside their establishments, violating their license permissions, which only allow music to be played inside the premises, with adequate soundproofing and closed doors.

Finally, the ‘Bar Arguineguín’, has been sanctioned €15,001 euros with a 15-day suspension for having live music on their terrace without authorisation.

This last bar is also, coincidentally, the venue where several alleged meetings are being investigated in the ongoing judicial investigations into the dealings of the current mayor, O.Bueno, and her CIUCA party and businesses connected to them, against whom there have been various accusations of alleged electoral fraud, over-reach, nepotism, and corruption, at the expense of ordinary Moganeros.

Mogán electoral corruption investigation into serving mayor risks stalling, complain witnesses ready to testify

The fines were approved with the votes of the right-wing majority CIUCA Government group and the PP, with the abstention of the socialist PSOE councillors.

The plenary session of the Mogán Town Council also approved a new municipal ordinance that will force the owners of lots, plots, works and farms to fence and close them off, as well as to keep them in good condition.  This is, say Mogán, to prevent visitors from injury and control any accumulation of rubbish or the potential for rodents and bad smells.  Anyone failing to comply could also be fined.

The new ordinances will be published on the official notice board of the Town Council, and in the Official Gazette for the Province, for thirty days so that anyone who wants to can examine it and present any objections they deem appropriate.