24 year old Misa Rodríguez, from Telde on Gran Canaria, is now a famous Spanish footballer and goalkeeper following Spain’s world cup win on Sunday, and she has made significant contributions to women’s football in Spain having played a pivotal role in both club and international competitions.


Early Career and Rise to Prominence in Arguineguín:
Misa began at a local level. She initially played as a forward at the Club Yoñé de La Garita, in Telde, and it was during her time in the Canary Islands’ sub-12 regional team that she transitioned to be a goalkeeper, where she continued to play for various teams, including Arguineguín’s noted Club Deportivo Femarguín, where her journey to prominence started to be really noticed.

This Sunday, after Spain’s historic win, Misa expressed her gratitude for the beginnings of her career acknowledging her roots at CD Femarguín and conveying a heartfelt message to Micky Sánchez, the renowned manager of the club based on the sunny south of the island of Gran Canaria. She recognised that her journey really started with them and thanked Arguineguín, CD Femarguín, and all the girls involved. She mentioned that this victory was also for them and hoped for more success from Arguineguín.

Arguineguín footballer David SilvaMisa is not the first world champion to get their start on the south of Gran Canaria. Argueinguín is also the home town of David Silva, who played a significant role in Spain’s victory during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Silva was a key member of the Spanish national team, helping them secure their first-ever World Cup title. During the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa, David Silva played as a midfielder and was known for his exceptional technical skills, creativity, and ability to control the game. He played a vital role in Spain’s possession-based style of play and was part of the team’s strong midfield presence.  Silva’s performances during the tournament were highly regarded, as he contributed with assists and also scored crucial goals for Spain.

Misa took her opportunity to remember her fans on Gran Canaria, expressing her appreciation to Micky for his support. She conveyed her gratitude from Sydney and sent greetings to all the people of the Canary Islands, especially to Arguineguín, the place where her football journey began. She emphasised that their support was close to her heart.

In February 2017, Misa joined the Club Atlético de Madrid due to the absence of their second-choice goalkeeper at the time. She gradually made her way into the club’s first team and gained experience by training alongside top-level players. Over time, she gained recognition for her skills, including her abilities in one-on-one situations, quick reflexes, handling crosses, and positioning.

Misa’s ability to consistently deliver strong performances has made her a respected figure in women’s football in Spain.

International Career

Misa’s international journey began with appearances for the Spanish under-19 team. She made her debut in September 2016 and continued to represent Spain in various youth tournaments. In 2018, she was part of the Spanish under-20 squad that reached the final of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Misa’s progression led to her first call-up to the senior Spanish national team in 2020. She made her debut for the senior team in February 2021, and her performances earned her a place as the team’s starting goalkeeper.

Misa Rodríguez’s was instrumental in winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup with the Spanish national team in Australia. Her contributions as a goalkeeper played a role in Spain’s victory against England in the final.

Her journey, starting from her local team in the Canary Islands to becoming an essential part of the Spanish national team and top clubs like Real Madrid, serves as an inspiration to aspiring young footballers. Misa’s dedication to her craft, along with her performances on the field, have led to her being recognised as a significant figure in the world of international football throughout Spain.