A truck blaze, this Friday afternoon, reported on the summits of Gran Canaria, sparked fears that a forest fire could have occurred in an area with a lot of trees in tinder-dry conditions. The 112 emergency services received an alert of the incident at 12:40 this afternoon, shortly after the fire started at the back of the vehicle.



The incident took place on GC-135, in the area known as Pico de la Gorra, in the municipality of Vega de San Mateo, which overlooks the mountain village of Tejeda. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and the fire did not spread to the surrounding vegetation, affecting only the vehicle.

Firefighters promptly responded and extinguished the fire.

At this time of the year the summits of Gran Canaria are on high alert due to the risk of forest fires.  Barbecues and scrub burning are banned and fire crews are in a state of constant vigilance, particularly when the 30-30-30 rule heightens any likelihood of wild fires emerging, at these times when the temperatures climb above 30ºC, as winds gust to more than 30 km/h and humidity drops to below 30%, woodland blazes are a consistent threat.