The Kiessling family, who have promoted the idea of a major water park development on Gran Canaria for nearly 20 years, and for more than a decade have faced myriad administrative obstacles to breaking ground on their plan to site it in the El Veril basin, next to Playa del Inglés, on Wednesday presented their continuing efforts and project plans in a packed auditorium of the Gabinete Literario in Las Palmas, attended by a wide range of influential people, journalists and institutional representatives, to confirm that they are still very much focused towards getting the project off the ground.

The long anticipated Siam Park project in Gran Canaria is, once again, poised to become a transformative landmark for the vibrant resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, as well as the island of Gran Canaria as a whole. With an investment of €160 million, Loro Parque group aim to create an extraordinary water park, touted to be the largest such development in Europe, and a 300-bed hotel, reinforcing the island’s reputation as a world-class tourist destination.

Unwavering Commitment
For over a decade, the Kiessling family, owners of Loro Parque group, have focused their efforts on making the Siam Park project a reality. Despite facing numerous challenges, including setbacks and bureaucratic hurdles, they have remained resolute in their vision to bring the unparalleled success of their Siam Park attraction on Tenerife to Gran Canaria.

The construction of Siam Park Gran Canaria, planned for Playa del Inglés, marks a significant turning point for Maspalomas. The one-kilometer stretch of land dedicated to the project, known as El Veril, promises to breathe new life into the area, invigorating the local economy and enhancing its status as a destination.

Recognised as one of the best, and most popular water parks in the world, through various awards and accolades, Siam Park’s arrival on Gran Canaria will, it is expected, attract a surge of visitors from around the globe. This influx of tourists will not only contribute to the economy but also generate employment opportunities, with approximately 1,000 workers expected to be involved in the construction phase and 600 permanent positions once the park is operational.

Strategic Importance
The designation of Siam Park as a project of Strategic Interest by the Government of the Canary Islands reflects the impact it is expected to have on the region. The allure of a new state of the art water park will be a powerful draw for tourists, bolstering Gran Canaria’s position as a leading sub-tropical destination and diversifying its tourism offerings beyond the island’s stunning natural landscapes.

Unprecedented Features
Siam Park Gran Canaria will feature captivating elements unique to the island. The awe-inspiring “Tree of Life,” a remarkable 32-meter artificial tree adorned with slides and connected by bridges, will be a distinct attraction that sets Gran Canaria apart. The park will also include entrance corridors flanked by elephants, providing an immersive experience from the moment visitors arrive. With a wider beach area, a Lazy River, an Adrenaline Mountain, a Beach Club, and a children’s area designed like a Thai village, Siam Park promises to add an unforgettable adventure for visitors and boost the tourism economy, so important for the south of the island.

Transformative Potential
The impact of Siam Park extends beyond its immediate benefits. By diversifying the tourism offerings on Gran Canaria, the project intends to attract a broader range of visitors, extending their stays and increasing their spending in the region. This will, in turn, stimulate the local economy, create additional business opportunities, and support the development of infrastructure and services in Maspalomas and the surrounding areas.

The arrival of Siam Park to Maspalomas has been set forward as a key strategic goal of the new local coalition government, for the Gran Canaria Cabildo, island government, and the Canary Islands Regional Government, representing a remarkable opportunity for Gran Canaria to solidify its position as a destination par excellence. Boasting innovative design, unique attractions, and substantial investment, it is hoped the project will breathe new life into Maspalomas, boost tourism, generate employment, and stimulate economic growth. Siam Park’s influence will extend beyond the confines of its grounds, catalysing a ripple effect that will benefit the entire region. Gran Canaria is poised to embrace a new era of tourism, thanks to the continued commitment of the project promoters and the transformative power of this new mega-project for the south of the island.