On April 17, 2023, the Guardia Civil on Gran Canaria identified two individuals, aged 27 and 41, as the alleged perpetrators of a crime of theft using force, having stolen two doors from a vehicle parked on a public road in Patalavaca (Mogán), in addition to causing other damage.


The Guardia Civil of Puerto Rico became aware of the events when the owner of the vehicle reported damage to their car, at a police station on March 18.

These events had apparently occurred in the early morning of March 18, when the owner of the car was informed by neighbours that the two doors on the left side of the vehicle were missing, in addition to one of the right side windows having been smashed, rendering the vehicle unusable on the public road, and requiring it to be removed by a tow truck for repairs.

The Guardia Civil initiated an investigation based on technical visual inspection and a study of information provided through video surveillance cameras. They were able to determine the modus operandi and authorship of the criminal acts, allegedly carried out by two individuals who, using a rental vehicle, broke one of the windows of the vehicle to gain access and then removed the two doors in just a few minutes, placing them in vehicle they were driving before quickly leaving the scene.

As a result, appropriate measures were taken to clarify the events, and proceedings made available to the Duty Court of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.