Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – Airline operator Air Europa has fallen victim to a cyberattack, specifically targeting the payment environment of their website. The airline has been in contact with affected customers, urging them to cancel their payment cards as a precautionary measure, despite no confirmed cases of fraud.


The airline discovered a cybersecurity issue that impacted the payment system used for web-based transactions. While the exact number of affected customers and the duration of the attack remain undisclosed, the company states that no fraud has been detected in relation to the breach.

Data related to customers’ payment cards were compromised during the attack. However, Air Europa insists there’s no evidence the exposed data has been used for fraudulent activities. “Our system’s team quickly detected and intervened, applying the established protocol in our response plan. This allowed us to secure the breach and prevent further data leaks,” said the airline in a statement.

Air Europa is currently conducting a comprehensive investigation into the origin and potential usage of the stolen data. The compromised information is strictly related to payment cards and does not include additional customer data.

Reiterating the absence of any detected fraud, the company has reported the incident to relevant entities and financial institutions. Air Europa assures it is operating “with complete normality” and guarantees secure operations moving forward.

For customers concerned about the cybersecurity breach, the airline’s primary advice remains to cancel any cards used for transactions on their website until further notice.