After a hot July, the long hot Gran Canaria August is here. It’s going to be a busy summer weekend with some amazing and popular Patronal festivities, including the Fiestas de Las Nieves in Agaete with their main day of festivities the “Fiesta de La Rama” this Friday. There are also Patron Saints’ Festivities taking place around the island, like in San Lorenzo in Las Palmas de G.C. and Santa Brigída just to name a few.
Summer days are absolutely gorgeous on Gran Canaria, the evenings are warm and beautiful. There are so many celebrations to enjoy around the islands this month and here are just our top picks for the first weekend of August 2023.

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Upcoming events:

11-12 August • LPA Groove Summer
11-28 August • Patronal festivities San Bartolomé in Tunte
11-20 August • Artisan Craft Fair Faro de Maspalomas
12-20 August •  OVO – Cirque du Soleil (Gran Canaria Arena) **Ticket event**
19-20 August • Km.0 Fair Gran Canaria in Fontanales, Moya
25 August-17 September • Fiesta del Pino in Teror, the Patron Saint of Gran Canaria
7-11 September • Patron festivities in La Aldea – San Nicolás de Tolentino aka Fiestas del Charco
22–24 September • LPA Beer & Music Festival
30 September-1 October Km.0 Fair Gran Canaria in Ingenio
6-8 October • Big Bang Vintage Festival in LPA

Upcoming bank holidays:

Friday 4 August – local bank holiday in Agaete 
Tuesday 15 August –
a public holiday in Spain – The Feast of Assumption of the Virgin
Wednesday 16 August –
local bank holiday in Firgas, Santa María de Guía, Valsequillo 
Thursday 24 August –
local bank holiday San Bartolomé de Tirajana
Monday 28 August – local bank holiday Artenara
Friday 1 September – local bank holiday in La Aldea de San Nicolás
Friday 8 September – bank holiday on Gran Canaria, Our Lady of the Pine
Monday 11 September – local bank holiday in La Aldea de San Nicolás
Thursday 14 September – local bank holiday in Artenara
Thursday 21 September – local bank holiday in Vega de San Mateo
Friday 29 September – local bank holiday in Valsequillo



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A beautiful first weekend of August is in sight. Highs of 32º Celsius, in the shade, and nighttime lows over 25º Celsius across Gran Canaria. The South and Southeast are a touch warmer. A simply gorgeous weekend for any trip, excursion or event to explore or just to relax.

The Canary Guide

#WeekendTips 4-6 August 2023


Animeni Music Fest on Friday, 4 August in CCA Gran Canaria Audiovisual Culture Centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria between 11:00-21:00.  Free entry

Japanese music and culture hold important symbolic value, as they are representative of a rich and ancient culture, with deep historical roots and a unique aesthetic. Anime and music are a powerful combination that transports us to imaginary worlds and sometimes intense emotions. The stands will offer products related to anime and manga. Artists will be available to interact directly with attendees, sharing their techniques, inspirations, and creative processes.

11:00-11:30 the official opening act. ( in ‘proyección’ room)
11:00-20:30 stands are open, artists and food stands. patio
12:00-13:30 workshop ‘Aprende a tocar’. Sala polivalente (multipurpose room)
12:00-19:00 Karaoke. Sala anexa
12:00-20:00 Just dance and table games. Sala de exposición (exhibition room)
16:30-17:30 Workshop ‘Learn body rhythms. Sala polivalente
17:40-18:30 Workshop ‘Make your own character’. Sala polivalente
18:00-18:30 Gymkana, athletic contests or games in various rooms
18:30-19:30 workshop ‘draw your character’. Sala de proyección
18.40-19:30 Guess the song. Sala polivalente
19:30-21:00 Cosplay show and closing act. Sala de proyección


Get ready for an unforgettable evening under the stars on Saturday, 5 August at Plaza el Tablero! Enjoy “A Summer Night’s Dream” where music and dance merge to create magical moments

🎶 From 20:00 to 21:30 enjoy exciting workshops in bachata and country line dance. Learn new steps and have fun with your friends in a unique experience.

at 21:30, the stage will light up with an incredible live performance by the group “Última Llave”. Let yourself be carried away by its contagious rhythms and let yourself be carried away by the festive atmosphere.

at 23:00 travel back in time with “Ochentour”, a musical selection that will take us back to the vibrant 80s and 90s. Relive the hits that marked an entire generation and dance non-stop. 💃🎶

Don’t miss this night full of music, dance and fun!


Agaete, on the northwest of Gran Canaria are celebrating Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves between 24 July-26 August.
Friday, 4 August is also a local bank holiday in the municipality. 

One of the major symbols of identity on the island of Gran Canaria is, without doubt, la Fiesta de La Rama (4 August) in Agaete, on the north of the island. This is the main fiesta for the town, in honour of Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows), which was declared a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest in 1972.

“The festivities will also mean special traffic and parking restrictions in the centre of Villa and Puerto de Nieves. There will be specific parking areas set up near by” 

On Friday: FIESTA DE LA RAMA 🌿🌿🌿


Diana at 05:00 in the morning, a procession accompanied by the Agaete and Guayedra bands (from town hall) to announce the start of the big day of the festival.
at 10:00, the Bajada de La Rama returns to the streets with the brass Bands of Guayedra and Agaete (from the Parish of Our Lady of La Concepción)
La Retreta, at 22:00 will close the day of the Festivities with the Guayedra and Agaete Bands. A fireworks spectacle is scheduled at 01:00.

On Saturday
at 10:30 Solemn eucharist in the Ermita Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves, followed by a procession towards to parish.
at 12:00 Departure from the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de La Concepción (Puente Viejo) with the image of San José to meet with the image of Virgen de Las Nieves. Eucharist upon arrival.
at 21:00 the XXX Edición del “Festival Nacional de Folclore” at Plaza de La Constitución. Participating are groups A.C. Cántigas e Frores de Galicia, choirs and dance Virgen de Los Peligros de Murcia, A. F. Hautacuperche de La Gomera
at 23:00 Verbena, a street party at Plaza de La Constitución with Armonía Show and tribute to Manny Manuel

On Sunday:
at 11:30 solemn eucharist in the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de La Concepción, followed by a religious procession with the image of Lady of the Snows through the streets.
at 21:00 Musical spectacle “Agaete Canta” at Plaza de La Constitución with Alberto García – Aridia Ramos – Dunia Candelaria – Elisa – Jennifer Castro –
Juanma Samos – Rosa Ma Fidelia – Gregorio “Yoyo” – Yure


A wonderful time to visit this unique little population centre of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as they are celebrating their Patron Saint’s festivities between 29 July – 15 August 2023.

San Lorenzo, a lovely little village just about 15 minutes from the capital, is a tranquil place that only gets busy on Sundays with their local farmers market just next to the church. Fiestas de San Lorenzo is most famous for its fireworks show and the ‘Fuegos de San Lorenzo‘ which was declared a Festival of Tourism Interest of the Canary Islands by the Canarian government in June 2022, a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

On Friday: 
at 22:00 Drag Queen Gala. Presented by comedian Omayra Cazorla and with performances by Comparsa Kisamba and singers Rubén Dizá and José Ortiz.

On Saturday: 
at 18:30 XXXI Romería, pilgrimage offering (from Camino Viejo de San Lorenzo, ‘Casa Pico’). One of the most traditional and supportive acts, the Pilgrimage to the Patron Saint, which will have six carts and folkloric groups in its 31st edition, and whose offering will be presented by Patricia Muñoz. All the locals will attend in typical Canarian clothing.
at 22:00 ‘Noche Canaria’, Canarian night with performances by Parranda El Pajullo, Parranda El Mejunje and the music group Acuarela.

On Sunday:
from 08:00 to 13:30 the Farmers’ market. Canarian folk music performance at 11:30
at 12:30 Meeting of papagüevos accompanied by the Island Band with guest papagüevos from San Isidro de Gáldar, Guanarteme, Schamann and Las Mesas, among others. (papagüevos are giant papier-mâché dolls)
at 21:30 the XIII Antonio Martel and Lorenzo Suárez Memorial, presented by David Naranjo and with performances by the Flor Canaria del Atlántico Folkloric Group, Alba Pérez and Pedro Manuel Afonso (Gran Canaria) and Ciro Corujo (Lanzarote). During the act, the Best Romero and Romera (pilgrims) of the Fiestas will be chosen, among the young people presented by the different towns and neighbourhoods of the district.

Upcoming events:
9-10 August: “Los Fuegos de San Lorenzo” is the most important and famous pyrotechnic spectacle on Gran Canaria and takes place on the night of 9th to 10th of August, bringing together around 60,000 people. Hundreds of kilos of gunpowder light up the sky in San Lorenzo for around 30 minutes ending with a large volcano made by the residents.

Before the fireworks at 21:30 concerts by ‘Karma’ and ‘Los 600’.

10 August: at 09:00 Livestock Exhibition Fair in the vicinity of the Health Center. at 12:00 Solemn Religious Function in honour of San Lorenzo. at 13:00 Magna Procession of the Patron Saint and co-patrons accompanied by the Teror Music Band. During the same, prize-giving ceremony for the best specimens of the Livestock Fair presented by Ibán Padrón. The event will end with a toast of honor to the authorities and guests at CEIP San Lorenzo.
21:30 Grand Gala of San Lorenzo 

“The town of San Lorenzo is in a beautiful valley located in the highest area of ​​Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, bordering Santa Brígida and Teror. This town was a municipality of Gran Canaria until 1937, when it was annexed to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has a population of approximately 6,000 inhabitants and it is part of the Tamaraceite-San Lorenzo-Tenoya district with a population of around 44,900 inhabitants. It venerates San Lorenzo, deacon and martyr, whose parish was built in the 17th century. His feast is celebrated on August 10.”

Every first Sunday of the month of August for more than seventy years, Moganeros and Moganeras have commemorated San Antonio El Grande.

The origin of this festivity goes back to a promise made by all the Mogán people to their Patron Saint, after a plague of locusts devastated their fields, the inhabitants promised from that day on to embellish San Antonio and to buy a new processional throne to free them from the curse. The moganeros and moganeras, true to their word, continue to fulfil their promise year after year.

MASS AND PROCESSION: Sunday, August 6 at 11:00,  the Church of San Antonio de Padua, Mogán.



The well-to-do, old colonial town of Santa Brígida is celebrating their Patron Saint’s festivities between 29 July – 6 August 2023. The main and oldest fiesta in the municipality is the Fiesta in honour of Santa Brígida de Irlanda (St. Brigid of Ireland), the Patron Saint of the Municipality. There is a Romería pilgrimage-offering organised for the first Saturday of August, and that tradition, in its current form, goes back to at least 1957. All the towns in the municipality take part with floats decorated with typical motifs and pilgrims, people in traditional country dress and plenty of street parties.

It is the oldest festival in the municipality. In the second third of the 16th century, the founder of the town, Isabel Guerra, left written in her will the celebration of a festival in honour of the Saint, after building the first hermitage. The current pilgrimage dates from 1957. It is celebrated on the first Saturday of August, with a pilgrimage offering, in which all the neighbourhoods participate with floats decorated with typical motifs and with pilgrims, magicians and partying (first Sunday of August).

On Friday:
at 21:00 concert by Germán López at Plaza Léon y Castillo

On Saturday:
at 12:00 ringing of the bells and foam party at Plaza Léon y Castillo
at 18:00 Romería, the traditional pilgrimage offering
at 23.00 Verbena, a street party of romero y romera with music and barbeque

On Sunday: the main festive Day
at 11:00 mass, followed by a religious procession with the image of Santa Brigída


Firgas celebrate their Patron Saint Festivities for San Roque between 4-25 August 2023. The municipality is famous for its spring water, nature, country life, and the beautiful flowing steps fountain and decorated surroundings in the centre of the town. 

Wednesday 16 August is the main feast day of San Roque and also a local bank holiday in the municipality. Romería, the pilgrimage offering is also celebrated that same day.

La Traída de Palo is one of the standout events at the Fiestas of San Roque de Firgas, in Gran Canaria

The festivities of San Roque, in Firgas (Gran Canaria), are a unique spectacle. In 1846, the steward of the figure of the Patron Saint spent two and a half silver reales coins on buying a flag to place it at the top of the pole which even today, following an age-old tradition, is brought down from the mountain in among the bustle of the crowds who come here every month of August. This ancient custom that originated in the hills of the island will be taking place on Saturday, 5th August, from 20.00.


On Friday:
at 21:00 Pregón, the opening proclamation at Plaza de San Roque. Speeches and music performances.

On Saturday:
at 11:00 Children party at the municipality parking lot with foam party, water bouncy castles and face painting.
at 11:00 XVI Domino contest at PLaza de San Roque
at 20:00 XXXIX Traditional Traída del Palo from Las Canales to Plaza de San Roque accompanied by Banda Isleña and Banda Asampa.
at 00:00 Street party with music at the municipal parking lot. They are literally bringing a pole to the centre

On Sunday:
at 11:00 salvage dog exhibition on the plot next to the municipal parking lot
at 12:00 concert by La TROVA at the municipal parking lot
at 16:00 ‘Bajada de Carretones’ on Calle El Calvario. These are self-made fun and cheery little vehicle carts cruising down the road.
at 21:00 concert by Fabiola Trujillo ‘con alma Mexicana’ homage to Mexican country music



CARRIZAL, INGENIO | Fiestas del Buen Suceso, San Roque and San Haragán | 4-27 AUGUST

Carrizal celebrates its festivities in honour of the Virgen del Buen Suceso, San Roque and Haragán from August 4 to 27. These are the patron saints’ festivities in honour of Our Lady of Good Success ( devotion to Mary ) and San Roque in Carrizal as well as the Fiestas San Haragán, in the municipality of Ingenio.


The neighbourghood of Lomo Magullo in the municipality of Telde are celebrating popular and religious events for the festivities in honour of the Virgen de Las Nieves between 28 July – 13 August.

One of the flagship festivals of the municipality, is the popular Traída del Agua, an event and a water party that attracts thousands of people from all over the Island every year. This one will take place on Sunday, 13 August.

On Friday:
at 19:30 eucharist in the church, followed by Romería, pilgrimage offering starting at 20:00
at 23:00 Verbena, a street party with orchestra La Tribu and N Klave 

On Saturday:
at 10:00 Livestock exhibition and Canarian dog breeds; Presa Canario and Podenco exhibition
at 12:00 the eucharist and procession of the image of Las Nieves.
at 13:00 livestock procession in front of the church at 22:00 concert by Pepe Benavente

On Sunday: 
at 12:00 the 13th edition of the Children Traída del Agua with Banda Vitamina. Children between 0-12 will get to know and experience the tradition and celebration of “Bringing the water”
at 18:00 the clown Zapito


Santa Maria de Guía is celebrating the Patron Saint’s festivities of the Virgen between 29 July – 20 August 2023.

The Patron Saint Fiestas in honour of the Virgin of Guía take place during the first fortnight in August, with the most important date on the calendar being the 15th. The morning sees the procession, while in the afternoon it is the turn for the Battle of the Flowers. The fiestas include a good number of cultural events, the highlight of which are the passacaglias (street parades) featuring “papagüevos” (over-sized papier-mache models who are the authentic protagonists during festivities), the parade of floats, and the afore-mentioned Battle of the Flowers.


On Friday:
at 20:00 Street parade by the participating groups of the XXX National Folk Festival island of Gran Canaria from Plaza de San Roque to the church.
at 20:45 Raising the flags accompanied by the municipal band
at 21:00 performances by the folk music and dance groups at Plaza Grande 
at 23:00 Concert by LA CLAVE

On Saturday:
at 19:45 Papagüevos takes the streets again from the church.
at 21:00 Concert by MUELLE VIEJO at Plaza Grande
at 23:00 Street party with Star Music, Banda Larga and DJ North at Plaza Grande

On Sunday:
at 12:00 at Mercado de Guía, tasting of typical products and performances by the traditional Canarian music and dance groups.
at 19:30 Papagüevos takes the streets again from the church.
at 20:30 a Night of humour at Plaza Grande

MERCADO DE GUÍA | Market of Guía 4-6 AUGUST

The market building of Santa Maria de Guía, an indoor market, “Mercado de Guía” is perfect to visit this weekend as the municipality is celebrating their patron saint festivities. Not only you can enjoy stalls from local producers, but there is also a gastro market and always some extra activities taking place.

Specials this weekend:
From Friday to Sunday: Artisan craft market
On Friday: Alderaband  and on Saturday: Elías Uche (estimated start at 21:00)
On Sunday: performances of the dance and music group of the 30th National folk festival participants as well as tastings of typical food of each region.

Opening hours: 

Fridays 08:00-14:30 and 16:30-19:30,
Saturday and Sunday 08:00-15:00

Gastro Market:
Friday 17:00-02:00
Saturday 11:00-02:00
Sunday 11:00-18:00


“La Aldea market, Mercadillo y muestra de artesanía y complementos La Aldea de San Nícolas is a lovely local market to visit in the westernmost municipality of the island, with local produce, artisans and music every first Saturday of each month.”

This Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00:
The Market, Crafts and Accessories on the Open Commercial Area of ​​La Aldea de San Nicolás.

It is a family event in which activities have been planned for the little ones, but also for the older ones, who will be able to enjoy the musical performance of the group ‘Son Aldea’, as well as buy from the numerous stalls that meet in the Open Commercial Area.

You can find different artisan crafts and gastronomy stands in addition to all the shops in the municipality, entertainment for the kids, live music and much more. Performance by the “Son Aldea”.



Summer Market by Luis Morote‘ this Saturday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, just beside Las Canteras beach.
From 09:00 to 20:00 on Calle Luis Morote get the feeling of summer market in the suburban beach capital.




Something new and exciting is happening at the back of the British Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Anatura, La casa de las Semillas is hosting the very first second-hand market in the most delightful surroundings of their garden and accessories store on Sunday, 6 August.

Between 10:00-18:00 vintage clothes, books, furniture, and much more are on offer as well as all the lovely plants and stuff that the shop itself has to offer, including a lovely cafe restaurant. Free entry


‘Mercado Agrícola de Arucas’ takes place every fortnight in the facilities of the Cabildo’s Experimental Agricultural Farm, located just off the exit to Arucas from the GC-2, on the north coast of Gran Canaria.

Click here to the map location.

The market comprises of local exhibitors (farmers and ranchers) who market their products directly to the consumer, with the aim of lowering the costs.
Get the best seasonal local products, preservatives, fresh bread and so much more.

From 09:00-13:30.

“Take the opportunity to have a swim just on the other side of the GC-2. You have either the beach of El Puertillo or “natural” swimming pool of Los Charcones. The north coast has many gorgeous places for a dip in the ocean.”


• Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.

• On Saturday, the Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet dart and other articles, located now in a new venue at Parque Europeo in Playa del Inglés, while the municipal market is being re-built. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;
El Mercadillo de Maspalomas is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

• On Saturday in Arguineguín, a small second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range pre-loved treasures.

• On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, ****The second-hand market now takes place in the Ciudad deportiva de Maspalomas, next to football field 2 and close to Pepe Chiringo and Parque Sur de Maspalomas.

• This Sunday, the very popular biweekly farmers’ Market, ‘Mercado Agrícola y ganadero de San Fernando‘ will be held in the parking area next to the football Stadium and the municipal offices from 08:00 – 14:00. A chance to purchase fresh, locally-grown food and value-added produce directly from growers or producers —  an authentic retail experience.