ZEC – new €20 million phase one investment

CCB project LAs Palmas

in red the area for CCB-Zamakona Offshore

A major new project is developing in the capital’s Puerto de La Luz, Las Palmas. A newly formed company, ‘CCB-Zamakona Offshore’, are to establish a service centre, specialising in the repair, supply and maintenance of offshore oil & gas industry vessels. Their initial plans, launched this week, foretell an investment on Gran Canaria of around €20 million.

CCB-Zamakona Offshore‘ has been formed by the Norwegian company Coast Centre Base (40%), Zamakona Yards (40%) and Golden Horizon (20%). The project benefits from Zamakona’s specialist experience as an enterprise located in the Port of La Luz, with international prestige accumulated over many years of activity in the sector alongside various Norwegian companies.

Africa has become a major world producer of oil and gas and there are just a few companies in this part of the world that have the facilities and skills necessary to provide quality services to the offshore drilling rigs and vessels market. The new company has been established under the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), through attractive tax incentives and 4% corporate tax, one of the most competitive in Europe today.

The first step in this new venture will be the construction of an office building with four floors as the headquarters of the company. The next will be to build a logistics centre, as a work area facilitate integral services for the offshore oil & gas sectors, following a similar model that which CCB used at its bases in Norway and which will serve as a logistics base for vessels operating througout West Africa and South America.



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