The Canary Weekend Tips 7-9 April 2017

Here come the main spring festivities and a series of public holidays commencing on Gran Canaria.  This means plenty of normal Canarians heading down to the beaches of the south to get a bit of what the tourists come for the rest of the year round.  Plenty of events going on to cater to the influx of young canarians looking for fun.

The antiquated christian celebration of Easter week, based around the Jewish celebration of passover, brings some sentimental processions and catholic ceremonies to the churches on Gran Canaria throughout the whole holy week ahead. Few do catholicism like Spain does Catholicism, and of course this island is no exception.

One of the most “lively” events will be in Agüimes, this Friday, where just like the kings day at Christmas, the town’s people will have a live route of scenes through the centre of this famous old town. Over the weekend a lovely range of various activities are also happening around the island from rally racing to free concerts, fairs, a painting contest and more market fairs.

Friday 7 April, Agüimes

XXV Edición del Auto de la Pasión, Muerte y Resurrección de Jesús de Nazaret

Agüimes has put on a Passion Play every Friday before easter since 1992. The Death and Resurrection of the christian messiah passes through various scenes located at Parque de los Moros, la Plaza de San Antón and  Plaza del Rosario. Starting from 20:30

The first scene is in Parque de los Moros, and includes the mythical curing the blind of Jericho, the messiah meeting with his disciples and Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday).

From here, atop a donkey, and accompanied by his disciples and the Hebrew people, he approaches the next stage, at the Plaza del San Antón where the Last Supper is portrayed, along with the Prayer in the Garden of Olives, his arrest, Annas and Caiaphas, the death of Judas Iscariot, Pilate,  Herod, and again before Pilate, before he is shown to the crowd “Ecce Homo” with Barabbas the bandit released before carrying his cross through the streets, jeered by the onlookers.

The entourage, his Mother and the Women of Jerusalem, accompany the christ on his way to Calvary. At this point the local Musical Association are to appear characterized as Roman guards, to pep proceedings up a touch.

At the Plaza del Rosario the falls, the Cireneo, meetings with the Veronica, the Women and his Mother, Death on the Cross, Ascent, Burial and the Resurrection.

About 300 people, all amateurs and neighbours of Agüimes, collaborate with the Association to create the representation of the Passion.  It is a wonder to behold, if just a little gory…

7-8 April, Plaza de Santa Ana, Las Palmas 

Free outdoor concerts in Plaza de Santa Ana

As part of the International Film Festival de Las Palmas and Monopol Music Festival there are two free outdoor music concerts starting at 21:00 in Plaza de Santa Ana both Friday and Saturday evening.


On Saturday performing : LEÓN BENAVENTE · MENDETZ · SOLO ASTRA

7-9 April, Teror 

Feria de Saldos Teror 

Lovely weekend to visit Teror, which celebrates its 12th Discount Fair this weekend, with the participation of twenty companies offering products at bargain prices with a wide variety of furniture, textiles, furniture, sports, footwear, beauty products, optics, household appliances, etc. and enlivened with live music, free WIFI, workshops and a playroom for the little ones.

As in previous editions, the fair will be located at the main parking area of ​​the Municipal Offices, next to the Bus Station.

Opening hours Friday and Satruday from 10:00-21:00 and on Sunday 10:00-16:00

Anyone coming from Las Palmas is able to utilise the special Global Bus round-trip ticket from San Telmo for just €2

7-9 April, Arguineguin, Mogán

 ‘Mogán Youth Fest 2017’ Manga festival and games party 

Over the weekend of April 7 to 9, the ‘Mogán Youth Fest 2017’ is scheduled to take place in Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín with about 30 stalls among which there will be several scenes to take part in,  workshops and another space for the ‘Games Party’.

On Saturday a small street procession by Star Wars Canarias and music group leaving at 12:00 from the Avenida de playa de Arguineguín.

Hours for Manga festival and games party Friday  16:30-22:00 , Saturday 10:00-22:00 and Sunday 10:00-20:00

8-9 April, Vega de San Mateo

VI Feria institucional de Canarias de productos de la tierra

The 6th Agricultural and Artisan Market of Vega de San Mateo during this weekend. A big early market in this beautiful mountain municipality, just steps away from the summit zone. Produce straight from the producers. Cheeses, products derived from black pig, honey, wine, mojos, sweet potatoes, artisanal bakery, jams, organic vegetables, pastries, oils, honey, dairy products derived from sheep’s milk, olives, gofio, nougat, sausage, water, apple cider and sweets, beer and artisan ice cream as well as the chance to enjoy complementary activities such as the music performances and a Craft Fair

On Saturday 09:00-19:30 and on Sunday 09:00-15:00

Saturday 8 April, Playa de Mogán 

VII Certamen de Pintura Rápida Playa de Mogán

The streets of Playa de Mogán will again be filled with artists painting whilst participating in the seventh edition of the Quick Painting Contest.

The contest, organized by the Council of Mogán, will bring together painters of various nationalities, who must make a unique work of style using any free technique that presents a landscape, monument or people of Playa de Mogán.

Entries for this seventh edition are to be made on the same day of the competition and are priced at €5. The participants in the contest must finish their works by 15:00 that day, at which time the exhibition of all the works will begin.

Each participant must bring their own materials and a stand for the exhibition. Canvas should be a minimum of 50 cm and a maximum of 120 cm on any of its sides, it should be white or a flat colour (canvas or board) and no textures on its surface or used material.

Those who use watercolour or similar should mount their paper on a rigid frame or stand.

At 18:00 winners are announced. First prize is €1,500 , 2nd  €1,000  and 3rd €500  as well as other prizes.

See info for rules if you are interested in participating 

Saturday 8 April, Tejeda 

XV Subida a Tejeda

Plenty of race cars going fast again with the fifteenth edition of the ‘Ascent to Tejeda’, taking place this Saturday and scoring for the provincial contest. This technical fast race up to the Gran Canarian summits will mean mountain road closures.

Departures start 10:30

Rally means mountain road closures. For the Subida de Tejeda rally on Saturday road closures between 09:00-14:00 on the GC-15 from Cruz de Tejeda towards Tejeda, GC-156 and GC-608 from Culata crossing to the Artenara crossing. 

8-9 April, El Pajar 

Fiestas de Santa Agueda  El Pajar 

St. Agatha festivities are coming to an end in the lovely little seaside village of El Pajar. A lovely day ahead for the kids on Saturday with a foam party at 12:00, a big pajarero birthday party with bouncy castles, children’s entertainment and music shows.

At 23:00 a fiesta with live music and a fireworks show at midnight.

On Sunday starting at 12:30 a big fish barbecue, at 14:00 music entertainment and followed by a lovely Sunday… for the rest of the day celebrations until midnight.

Sunday 9 April, Vegueta, Las Palmas 

Procesión Penitencial de la Hermandad y Cofradía de Nazarenos

In Spain as well as across the Islands, Easter is marked with Catholic church processions and eucharists during the holy week.  Expect men in hoods and statues on donkeys.

Palm Sunday 9 April
At 11:00, from the Parish of San Bernardo, Ermita de San Telmo,  a procession of the christ figure on a donkey to commemorate his triumphal entry in Jerusalem.
At 19:00, from the Parish of Santo Domingo de Guzmán the Penitential Procession of the Brotherhood and Brotherhood of the Nazarenes.  lots of men in pointy white hoods.

General program of processions and eucharists during Holy Week 2017 in Las Palmas (in Spanish) can be found by following the link


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