Raising awareness about good animal ownership

“Abandonment is a crime. Denounce it!”

The City Council Plenary meeting hall of the Las Palmas town hall has this week welcomed a presentation about ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’.

The program seeks to sensitise the general population about the responsibilities and rights attached to caring for domestic pets in an attempt to reduce impacts on society generated by animals, through a democratic process of exercise and strengthening of civic culture.

It seeks to reduce the negative effects of irresponsible animal ownership and to strengthen good practices.

Thousands of animals are abandoned or mistreated in The Canary Islands every year, and it falls to privately organised charitable organisations and the island cabildo’s own animal refuge programme to try to deal with the consequences.

Last December the Cabildo de Gran Canaria took charge of the island dog and cat refuge service, based at Albergue de Bañaderos on the north coast of the island, working with the nearby Veterinarian College, to try and reduce the very high numbers of domestic animals that need to be rescued, and if lucky re-homed, to provide a framework from which to provide guidelines and best practice to try and improve the situation.

This initiative, announced in the city council building in the capital Las Palmas, will be just one step, on a local level, to trying to improve education and awareness about the needs of animals and the responsibilities of good animal care among the population.

Source: La Provincia 

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