Possibile cloud in The Canaries with a small chance of rain to the west

IMAG1795Slight cloudy intervals will increase this afternoon in the interior of the islands, with a small possibility of occasional light rain on the islands of greater importance in The Canary Archipelago, according to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Temperatures will continue for a day or so more with little change, a minimum of 16˚ on El Hierro in the west and a maximum of 28˚ in the shade on the south of Gran Canaria and to the east. Light northerly winds are expected with moderate intervals through the afternoon. The central peaks of the southwest Tenerife may experience some strong gusts.

Out at sea AEMET forecasts predominantly northeasterly winds of force 3-4 on the Beaufort scal, oscillating surf with swells from the northwest and waves of 1-2 meters high.

Over the next few days, AEMET expect cloudy intervals, with increased cloudiness in the afternoons over midland areas. There will be a possibility of occasional light rain on the islands of greater importance, but mainly over on La Palma in the western province.

Temperatures will remain unchanged or slightly lower, while light northeasterly winds will include occasional moderate gusts. The coasts will be breezy with strong gusts possible on the peaks, especially to the west.

Gran Canaria Today:

Cloudy to the northeast, clearing in the evening; in the south, partly cloudy tending towards possible clouds in the afternoon. Temperatures will change little, with coastal no lower than 20˚ or 22˚ in the shade and highs of between 25˚ and 27˚, tending as ever to be much warmer in direct sunlight.  Weak to moderate winds from the northeast of between 20 and 30 km / h; on the southwest coast, loose variable winds and breezes.


LAS Palmas 22˚- 26˚
Maspalomas 17˚- 27˚
Mogán 17˚- 28˚

Always remember that temperatures in direct sunlight can rise by 5-10˚ than those above measured in the shade:  for the latest forecast information check our weather page at TheCanaryNews.com/Weather