Over 8million foreign passengers so far

feria-b-travel-1‘The Canary Islands’ received 1,110,148 foreign passengers in August, 147,273 more than in the same month last year, an increase of 15.30%, according to data provided by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA)

Between January and August this year, the archipelago has reported 8,657,757 foreign tourists, 1,085,672 more than the first eight months of 2015, representing an increase of 14.34%

The improving data accumulated each month by the tourism sector is most a combination of focusing on diversifying markets and promoting connectivity as well as structural factors such as the closures of other competing markets. Between April this year and March 2017, The Canary Islands will have more than 150 new regular routes to the islands established, reaching a total of almost 850.

Good performance of certain markets such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Holland, with increases in the order of 54.52%, 51.89% and 46.05%, respectively over last August have helped too. The UK market experienced a significant increase of 15.51% in August 2016 compared to the same month last year, so the expected negative effects of Brexit have not yet been felt on the Islands.

With regard to the arrival of foreigner passenger, it is noteworthy that Gran Canaria received 286,336 foreign passengers in August, representing an increase of 23.67%, with 54,807 foreign passengers more than the same month of 2015.

Between January and August  2,403,337 foreign passengers had reached Gran Canaria, 16.99% more than in the same period of 2015, ie 349,105 more foreign passengers.