Mogán Naval Maritime Rescue Exercises

The Spanish Armada (Navy) are today, in Puerto de Mogán, on a major maritime safety exercise simulating an incident on a tourist submarine, exploring a scenario were the vessel finds itself unable to surface with passengers inside, said a press release from Naval Command in the Canary Islands.

The vessel is to be re-floated by the diving unit of the Canary Islands Naval Command by means of inflatables attached to its structure, and a ground deployment will be available to cover simulated injuries sustained in the incident. Meanwhile, the resolution of the incident will involve several state, local and autonomous agencies, in a joint Maritime Safety exercise called Marsec-2017.

The diving operations are being coordinated at sea from the maritime action vessel, Relámpago , which will act as a divers platform, and from the multipurpose salvamento maritimo vessel Miguel de Cervantes, which is also participating in the exercise along with a Sesamar helicopter.  Incidents and injuries requiring medical attention are being simulated inside the submarine (including anxiety attacks and mild concussions) which will be treated by the salvamento maritimo crew supported by ground medical services using “telemedicine” assistance.

The evacuation of the vessel is to be carried out at sea using Red Cross vessels, and there will also be three Aero evacuations with helicopters from the 802 Air Force Squadron, State Marine Rescue Society (Sasemar) and the Emergencies and Rescue Group (GES ) In which personnel simulating the incident will be evacuated.

The exercise, designed and planned by the Navy, forms the first part of a month long series of Naval exercises throughout all Spanish territories, coordinated under the direction of the Spanish Government Delegation with the collaboration of Maritime Captaincy, Sasemar, Civil Protection, General Direction of Security and Emergencies of The Canary Islands regional Government, Canary Islands Emergency Services, Red Cross , The 112 Emergency Centre for Safety Coordination, Mogán Local Police, National Police and the Oceanic Platform.


MARSEC 17  is an exercise organised by the Spanish Navy Maritime Action Force to improve the cooperation between all stakeholders, both public and private, with legitimate interests in the maritime security arena. The exercise participants are Spanish units deployed all throught the Spanish territory.


MARSEC 17  scenario is based upon a fictitious situation, tailored for the purpose of training the Spanish Navy NCAGS organization (Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping)  and, at the same time, familiarizing the merchant navy community with standing NATO Naval Cooperating and Guidance procedures. In this fictitious scenario, the Spanish Navy has been tasked to lead an operation and the related NCAGS functions due to the presence of a series of threats in a certain area.

In order to coordinate and synchronize the military operations taking place within the Area of Operations (AOO) the Spanish Navy has initiated cooperation procedures with the shipping transiting it. For such purpose, a Maritime Surveillance and Operations Centre (COVAM) has been established at the Maritime Action Force Headquarters in Cartagena, and four DNEs (Deployed NCAGS Elements) have been activated at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Ferrol, Cádiz and Palma de Mallorca ports.

The AOO is bounded by parallels 53º00´N-20º00´N and meridians 020º00´W-10º00E

MARSEC 17 exercise takes place from MAY, 22th until JUN, 02th 2017, inside Spanish TTW and within international waters in a geographical area bounded by parallels 53º00´N-20º00´N and meridians 020º00´W-10º00´E.

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