Arguineguín sports centre renovation

Arguineguin sport center renovationsThe renovation, rehabilitation and improvement of the David Silva Sports Complex and pool, in Arguineguín, began last week. The reforms will keep the pool closed about a month.

From the Department of Sports they have tried that users do not adversely repercutiese them the temporary closure of the pool, so “subscribers who want to make use of the facilities of Mogan village can go with the same card in Arguineguin” said Luis Miguel Becerra . However, “those trainees who only make exclusive use of the pool were given automatic low in their member card said the councilman Luis Miguel Becerra.

Arguineguin sport center renovations aThe main work takes place in the pool of David Silva Sports Complex, due tiles coming off and water leaks. The pool surface will be changed to PVC tiles. Not only its more economical but if any future leaks happens it will be easier to fix ,as they only need to empty the pool, fix and refill.

Reforms, conditioning and improvements in the Sports Complex David Silva also includes music arrangement of the building, which has damaged over the years and costs about € 4,000. Another improvement of the facilities, requested by the users, has been placing shampoo holders and other toiletries in the locker rooms and showers.  The works are included in the Emergency Plan for the improvement of facilities Sporting de Mogan.