Million-Euro Rolex robbery in the South

Two gunmen robbed a well known jewelry store in the heart of Maspalomas on Tuesday night.  Speed ​​and professionalism were the main hallmarks of what is being called “the million-euro rolex robbery” carried out by two gunmen at the Oasis de Meloneras shopping center, in the touristed municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana on the south of Gran Canaria.

“It was like in a movie,” several witnesses reported yesterday.

The robbers managed to grab an estimated haul worth more than €1 million, in a little over four minutes, in a daring raid witnessed by several passers by. The thieves went straight to high-end watches that had been on display since last week. Unusually for such rare occurrences here on the island, they executed the operation with precision, in an assault that has put Spanish Police and Security Forces, as well as tourism entrepreneurs, on high alert. Agents of the National Police Force looking at evidence of the smash and grab have said their investigation “was very advanced in a positive sense.”

The events took place at 20:20 on Tuesday at the CC Oasis Shopping Centre, at Saphir Jewelers. Two well-dressed individuals got off a motorcycle, parked near the nearby pharmacy, before confidently entering the jewelry shop.

The doors of the establishment do not open automatically, and have to be activated by the security guard, who is at the entrance, or a worker, who can open the doors with a command, after observing the client who wants to enter.

On Tuesday night, the first of the robbers showed his face, he was dressed well and did not raise suspicions, despite the fact that he was later seen to have been wearing a cap and wig; nevertheless the door was opened. The second assailant, rushed into the interior, and was wearing a motorcycle helmet. When he entered the first one immediately covered his face with a ski mask and pulled out a pistol which he aimed directly at the security officer, who was forced to fall to the floor, as were two other workers.

The second assailant, meanwhile, was striking glass cabinets of watches using an iron mallet with a wooden handle. One of the assailants stood at the door to prevent it from closing. The employees shouted and protested, but the assailants repeated warnings and threats, intimidating the workers into not trying to move.

A tourist managed to record a video of the robbery while it was being carried out.

The two thieves wore gloves, and according to witnesses, they spoke Spanish with a foreign accent.

Displaying great coolness and confidence, and went directly to the most recent edition Rolex watches taking items and jewels with an estimated value of around €1 million.

They left “quietly” got on the motorcycle, having completed their entire task in just four minutes. After fleeing the scene, the motorcycle was abandoned, discovered by the police that same night in the avenue Touroperador Spies, in the area of ​​the Maspalomas Golf Course.

The two jewelery shop workers, the maintenance manager of the shopping centre and the security company were asked yesterday to declare their evidence to the Maspalomas police station. The establishment, was being inspected by the agents and remained closed yesterday.

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