Maspalomas PRIDE 2014

Gay Pride MASPALOMAS strip

Maspalomas Gay Pride, now in its 13th year was created and to this day is still organised by GLAY, a volunteer-led organisation, made up primarily of foreign residents, native Canarians and local businesses centred around the Yumbo centre in Playa del Inglés. Throughout the year they work closely with the local municipal council, the Ministry for Tourism and the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to promote internationally not just PRIDE, the largest event of its kind in The Canary Islands, but also equality, integration and support for the LGBT community and for local businesses throughout Playa del Inglés and the Maspalomas area, acting as ambassadors for Gran Canaria´s “All-Inclusive-culture” and the island´s annual celebration of cultural diversity.

Having grown significantly even throughout the so-called “crisis”, Maspalomas Gay Pride is one of the Gran Canaria tourism offerings par excellence, specifically because it has never yet been dominated by big business or larger political interests, but instead has organically grown from the people and businesses who operate here on a grass roots level. The event continues to promote and demonstrate this island´s ability to innovate and reinvent itself despite adversity, adding significantly to brand “Gran Canaria”, which officially promotes it under the not-so-visionary banner “Gay-Friendly”.  Being the first event of its type on the annual worldwide Pride celebrations calendar, Maspalomas has found a way to circumvent the natural tourism lull previously experienced at this time of year.

With just 5 months to go before PRIDE 2014, the organising committee and visionary members of GLAY have significant work cut out for themselves to ensure that this major event can continue to grow in the face of recent and ever increasing legislation limiting large-scale events, and that an evermore united front is presented to the world to ensure that increasing numbers of LGBT tourists choose Gran Canaria this coming May.

The Canary News is a long standing supporter and partner of Gay Pride Maspalomas and would like to encourage anyone with an interest in seeing this major event move from strength to strength to contact us without delay on or simply by calling (+34) 928 987 952

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