Guardia Civil agents sentenced to prison for bribery convictions

A Las Palmas Court has sentenced two Guardia Civil agents to 8 1/2 years in prison each for having been the ring leaders of a group of agents, which included at least 8 others, at the Gran Canaria Airport who were in the habit of systematically requesting bribes from African travellers.

The magistrate presiding, Secundino Alemán, punished José Juan Pérez Morata and Jose Santiago Alemán Sosa with eight and a half years in prison. Both are convicted of the crimes of bribery and falsification of official documents, according to the sentence made public today by the press office of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC), the Canary Islands High Court. The ten agents involved in the plot have been the subjects of a long running public court case and will now be expelled from the Guardia Civil dishonourably, and will no long be allowed take any public service job or position.

For those who were deemed to have contributed to the crimes, to a lesser extent, the judge also imposed a fine of €1,500 on one Salvador Espuey Millán for bribery charges under article 421 of the Penal Code; Five years in prison for José Antonio Betancor Cubas ; Another five years for Miguel Muñoz Ortega; ; Five years in prison for José Manuel Suárez Peña , and another five years in prison for Eladio Léon Cabrera; A fine of €1,500 for Alfonso Ramírez Pérez ; a fine of €140 for Luis Manuel Quintana Mediana ; and another €140 for José Manuel Rivera García .

Moroccan citizens Mahjob Abdala and Salem Aali are also expected to serve one year in prison for bribery offences. And four other foreigners are facing potential charges, but were not included in this particular court case.

The judicial decision, which is based on images recorded in the Airport Tax Provision Unit from a hidden camera, is subject to appeal within the Criminal Division of the TSJC.