Gran Canaria’s record tourist expenditure

Gran Canaria saw its highest recorded first quarter tourist spending in history  with more than €1.53 billion showing a 10% increase compared to the same period of 2016, in which the recorded expenditure was €1.39 billion.  This year has therefore experienced growth of 140 million euros in tourism spending.

The latest report, prepared by the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (ISTAC), points out that Gran Canaria increased in terms of tourist arrivals by 7.5%  between January and March, having received more than 1.2 million visitors, 85,000 more people than last year. (It should also be noted that the year 2016 saw the highest ever numbers of visitors to the island)

Spending at destination has increased by 11.5%, to €441 million which is an increase of €46 million that has remained entirely on the island. Expenditure has also been higher than in the first quarter of 2016, with growth of 9.5% seeing €95 million more, which translates into a total of more than €1 billion.

Average spending per tourist on Gran Canaria has risen 1.7 % to have now reached €1,348 euros, of which €395 per head remains on the island, 2.8% more than in 2016, when that average on-island per person retention figure did not exceed €384.

Editor’s note:
There will be those that tell you  business has never been worse, that All Inclusive is killing the island, and that the figures are all made up.

With respect, it is our experience that the businesses who have worked hardest to adapt from old models to instead consistently provide high quality services to meet tourist demand are the ones who are benefiting most from the currently sunny outlook for tourism.

Whether or not external elements like Brexit and middle east instability are factors here, the fact remains that more people than ever are on Gran Canaria and visiting The Canary Islands.  Finding ways to offer services that fit with the needs of those visitors is the only way to both survive and flourish.  Lamenting old business models that are failing to function will never lead to success.

The sun is shining, let’s figure out how to make hay.


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