GC-1 Landscape Cleanup Plan begins

corredor-sur-1From March the Cabildo of Gran Canaria plans to rejuvenate parts of the north-south GC-1 corridor’s landscape.  The project is part of a list of such works that the island’s governing institution is already preparing. The intention is to cleanup the primary link to the south, the GC-1 motorway, and use the experience to learn how best to continue with similar works along the northernGC-2 highway and then the central zones and the rest of the island.

To advance this ambitious goal, a first meeting with the city of Telde, headed by its mayor, Carmen Hernández Jorge, was held to discuss one of the most radical actions to be undertaken which includes the removal of 107 unlicensed billboards located in the municipality which accounts for 75% of all illegal billboards on the island. The plan is to take them down within three months.

An agreement has been reached that allows the administrative process to start in order to enforce the removals, with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria supporting Telde financially in case the municipality itself will have to remove them. Amounts of  between €200,000-300,000 have been reserved for the work which, it is planned, will be claimed back directly from those responsible for the billboards that have been identified as a primary cause for the chaotic visual look of the area’s landscape, deemed as one of the most important on Gran Canaria as it unites the capital city with the southern tourist areas and the 4 million visitors a year that journey from the airport.

Telde has already opened disciplinary proceedings against those identified as responsible for the illegal advertising boards and will have the technical support of the Cabildo and the city of Las Palmas, which has already initiated procedures on its territory. This allows the government groups, both local and insular, to immediately start procedures whenever those responsible do not respond appropriately or take the structure’s down voluntarily.


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