Exquisite royal shrimp stars at ‘Gran Canaria Me Gusta’ food fair

The “exquisite” royal shrimp, raised ecologically on the island, is one of the star products at this weekend’s  ‘Gran Canaria Me Gusta‘ fair at Infecar 21-23 April.

The public can taste the king prawn both from the grill and as part of several dishes being prepared in the kitchens of the gastronomic areas installed at Infecar for the event. In addition, professionals can order and find information from the website devoted to the tasty local morsel at www.langostinoreal.es.

This “exquisite” product is an initiative of Belgian businessman Marc Indigne, who has made Gran Canaria the second place in Europe, after Medina del Campo, to farm white shrimp, raised on the island in an ecological, sustainable method, free of chemical additives that make it a fresh product, one hundred percent natural and highest quality.

As a first step, the larvae are being imported from the Pacific ocean, but the objective is to produce local larvae before the end of the year at their farm in Ingenio, preparing to produce 25 tons a year, so as not to have to import and to get ‘entirely “Canarian” prawns’.

This breeder chose the climate and clean waters of Gran Canaria to get a product that offers ‘the true sea flavor, good texture and gourmet quality that Canarian chefs can use it fresh and that the company supply fresh to gourmet shops, restaurants and supermarkets on all the islands, with sizes of 18, 24 and 35 grams and at the competitive price of 50 euros a kilo.

Over four months, the process of rearing prawns is carried out on the farm set up on old farmland, supervised by a biologist and a veterinarian, who control their growth within 13 tanks that together hold two million liters of seawater where thousands of individuals are given organic feed and special algae produced at the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands, which guarantees the shrimps’ exquisite sea flavor.


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