Circus animals back in the capital

Cirkus Kaos TentThe caged circus animals, that several citizens had publicly complained should not be in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after the city passed a local motion and ordinance last year to ban performances with animals, are it seems back in the city.

When they were discovered and complaints sent to police and media earlier in December, the animals were moved to a bonded storage site in Ingenio, under cover of darkness, but were again the subject of complaints when they were found being kept in their cages under tarpaulins, without exercise room, surrounded by rubbish and debris.  Numerous large animals, that in the wild would roam freely over wide distances, kept in cramped conditions out of sight of members of the public concerned with their welfare.

kaosSeveral calls from the public, and reports in the media and on television, resulted in SEPRONA, the Guardia Civil animal protection department, eventually visiting the site, only to report that in their opinion, having spoken to the circus representatives, that the animals had adequate temporary conditions and that their welfare was not endangered.

The circus company have said that they are committed to not to using the animals in their shows while staying in the capital, having removed them once more from the plot in Ingenio where they stayed for a few days, due to the heavy criticism and various entities denouncing the situation. Veterinarians who assessed the animals reportedly recommended that they would be better off in their “normal” surroundings.

Critics say there is no place in 21st century society for performing animals, often removed directly from the wild or else bred in small travelling cages and trained, sometimes, with brutal methods so as to make them act in ways completely outside their natural instinctual behaviours.

This circus will soon be moving on from Las Palmas to other municipalities on the island where no ordinance has yet been passed to prevent the use wild animals in order to “entertain” humans.

We wonder about your perspectives… a bit of harmless fun? storm in a teacup? mountains and molehills? or a barbaric and inhumane practice left over from a darker past when entertainment and cruelty often went hand in hand?

Should lions and tigers and elephants be performing unnatural tricks for the entertainment of children?

Should animals be removed completely from their natural habitats and made to live in travelling cages?