CCTV & WIFI in Parque Sur Maspalomas

The Town Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana has announced works are beginning to equip the largest urban recreation area in ​​the municipality, Parque Sur, with a CCTV video surveillance network of nearly 40 cameras.

The leisure area, covering an area of approximately 90,000 m2, registers an average 8,000 visitors every weekend, but the park furniture and play area games and service equipment are being subjected to various and costly acts of vandalism especially at night.

This closed circuit television (CCTV) system, connected directly to an alarm at the Policia Local Station via fibre optic, digitally records and stores audio and images both day and night.

It appears Parque Sur will become one of the first public spaces to be completely covered by cameras, recording all activity day and night.  Still something unusual in Spain.

The Town Council is also taking advantage of this work to provide the park with a free WIFI service.

Not long ago the Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana also installed two new, and long overdue, automated and completely equipped public bathrooms, constructed entirely from metal to avoid the vandalism that had originally forced the closure of public toilet amenities in the park.