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Gran Canaria Green Forest Fund to plant 1.5 million trees each year

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has announced support for the creation of the Green Forest Fund, which will provide €1.5 million for the remainder of this year to plant 500,000 trees and from January they have agreed a further €4.5 million every year to plant around 1,500,000 more, an audacious…

Two small clusters of earthquakes detected around The Canary Islands over the weekend 

Up to eight earthquakes were recorded around The Canary Islands, over the weekend, between 00.56 hours in the early hours of Saturday morning and 01.33 on Monday, July 24, according to the Spanish National Geographic Institute (IGN). None of them particularly strong. Most took place between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, and a small cluster just north…

Canaries’ Government study Tuno plants

The Government of the Canary Islands have started studying the use of tuno fruit in juice

83 kilos of fish and 900 sea cucumbers

Agents of the Government of the Canary Islands Fisheries Inspection Service have denounced

Tourist favourites on Gran Canaria in 2016

Gran Canaria beaches were the main tourist attraction visited by travellers who chose the island

Avocado cultivation areas increased 58%

Spain is the main avocado producer in Europe. Most of the avocados grown

Popular mountain road closes till mid May

Part of the GC-605, a beautiful mountain road popular with the more adventurous tourists

70% of Gran Canaria bees Black Canarian

More than 70% of the island’s bees are of the Black Canarian variety, a study commissioned

1st captive-bred Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch

At the start of September, the EU LIFE +PINZON project released the first captive-bred


The 5th edition of Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016 has been made up of 6 trekking routes 

Detained for trapping Gran Canaria birds

Guardia Civil and the Cabildo de Gran Canaria have denounced two people for illegal bird 

Gran Canaria only has 10% food sovereignty

Gran Canaria cultivates less than a third of its available 30,000 hectares of irrigated, 

Wine production grew 16.5% on Gran Canaria

The winemakers of Gran Canaria, collected in the 15 municipalities where grapes are grown

Loro Parque to meet SeaWorld about orcas

Zooilogical Tourist Attraction Loro Parque has requested a meeting with officials from SeaWorld

Gran Canaria collected 1.4m m3 of water

Gran Canaria’s main reservoirs collected 1.4 million m3 of water during the weekend

Canary Islands thunder showers and snowfall

Friday began with freezing temperatures and cloudy skies

Prealert declared for wind, rain and snow 

The regional government has declared a “prealert” in the Canary Islands for adverse 

Canaries’ warmest January in 55 years

January was unusually warm and very humid throughout mainland Spain and The Canary Islands.

Record Las Palmas cruise passengers

The Port of Las Palmas closed the year 2015 having received 682,885 cruise passengers

Canaries non-hotel stays rose 3.1%

Overnight stays at non-hotel tourist accommodation (apartments, campsites, rural tourism and hostels)

Canaries commit to rural island tourism

The Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Canary Islands’ Government, Maria Teresa Lorenzo

Spanish campsites use sees an 11% increase

Campsites in November recorded 11% more overnight stays – 9.8% more by Spanish nationals