Canarian Government plan sugar & pastry tax

The Canary Islands government are to create a tax that will tax sugary drinks and industrially produced pastries in the tax reforms planned for the regional parliament next year,  announced Minister of Finance, Rosa Dávila, in declarations to the local Spanish language daily newspaper “Canarias 7”.

Dávila defended the establishment of this type of charge as an attempt to contain the high levels of obesity on the islands, a problem that at the moment affects almost half the population in the archipelago (37.1% of canaries are overweight and 17.1% suffer from clinical obesity).

The minister said that the future tax will not seek to raise revenues, but “promote a healthier food culture,” because the data already shows “that action is necessary.”

In principle, the Government of the Canary Islands intends to approve this new tax within the “profound” tax reform that will be proposed to Parliament in the final stretch of this legislature.

However, they have not ruled out further measures, via Budget laws, if it is considered that the entry into force of the new taxes on sweetened beverages and industrial bakery remains “urgent”

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