There is a “polar jet” from the north bringing an unusual chill to the air and the potential for some light rain this week. Daytime temperatures, in the shade, usual average around 17ºC at this time of year, and so the current maximums are actually higher than expected, with a slightly chillier 10º usual at night during December, particularly inland, however over the next few days this figure too will be higher than usual. Al of this leads to increased instability across the Canary Islands over the next few days, with Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) forecasting a small Atlantic squall likely to reach the archipelago by middle of this week.  The long range forecast predicts stronger showers before this time next week.



Monday has started clear, in general, with some morning intervals of cloud to the north and northeast. By the end of the day more high cloud should arrive. There is a potential for some generally light Calima haze to become noticeable in the eastern province, over Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and perhaps Gran Canaria too.

Higher than average minimum night time temperatures of 13º-17º and daytime highs of 21º- 24ºC, in the shade, are likely, depending on where you are on Gran Canaria. Moderate northeast winds, with light breezes off the southwest coast. Inland and at altitude will feel a little cooler, though skies should remain clear.

Increased instability is expected on the Islands from Tuesday afternoon with the arrival of storm clouds that may well cover the skies during the second half of the day, and will likely leave weak to moderate rainfall, especially on the north of the western isles of La Palma and El Hierro,. In addition, AEMET does not rule out that the drop in temperatures could leave snow on the highest areas of Tenerife.

There will be a little cloud in most places or clear with intervals of high clouds on Tuesday. Probable haze. Temperatures with few changes, perhaps a slight decrease on the southern slopes, minimum temperatures rising slightly to the south. Variable loose winds, predominantly from the north and on the west coasts, with a southeasterly component on the east coast.

As winds pick up, this Wednesday, the instability will increase, with cloud cover moving from west to east likely to leave weak to moderate rainfall, mainly on Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma.  AEMET has not ruled the potential for some strong showers.

On the eastern islands, there may be locally moderate rainfall during the second half of the day along with cloudy intervals. Temperatures will remain about the same, perhaps a slight decrease, with light to moderate winds, generally from the northwest and west, though with a southern component, particularly along the south coasts, and some strong gusts possible.

The cloudy weather may well persist into Thursday, with some weak rains, moderate in some localities. Calima could be sustained over the easternmost islands. Daytime and night time temperatures seeing little change, perhaps climbing slightly, as the winds shift to blow from the west and and from the south.

As we approach the end of this week, temperatures are predicted to rise a little, along with the likelihood of stronger gusts of wind from the south and the west, and a potential for some heavier rainfall by Sunday showing on the long range forecast.  We’ll update you nearer the time.

Mogán forecast for the South of Gran Canaria

Check out AEMET’s website for the latest forecasts where ever you are on the islands, and their handy 3-day outlook for all of the main beaches around Gran Canaria