UK travellers will need a vaccine certificate after the Spanish Central Government in Madrid announced a temporary modification to third countries restrictions, for entry to Spain, which will now only allow entry to travellers from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland who can show a full vaccination certificate. Negative diagnostic test results, on their own, will no longer be sufficient and, controversially, neither is proof of having had the disease when coming from a high-risk Third Country like the UK. 

This new text, adopted by the Spain-wide legislation, is apparently to remain in effect until December 31.  The exact implications, however, are yet to be fully reported, at time of publishing, Spanish-language daily La Provincia‘s appraisal agrees with our findings.

The Canary News confirmed that Spain intends to refuse entry to non-vaccinated travellers arriving from the UK

Editor’s comment:

This is new and rather surprising information.  You can find the full text of that section of the latest BOE here, which to our first reading does not explicitly state that negative test results are insufficient.  What this piece of new text does do, is modify the original article 1.1, section k, which has until now explicitly listed “in addition to the vaccination certificate, the diagnostic certificates recognised for this purpose by the Ministry of Health”.

We have have reached out to various other sources to confirm this new modification, which will mean that test results on their own will not be accepted for entry from the UK

The new BOE adopts the following wording for article 1.1 section k:

“K) Persons with a vaccination certificate that the Ministry of Health recognizes for this purpose, after verification by the health authorities, as well as accompanying minors to whom the Ministry of Health extends the effects.”

Our initial confusion was based in the new text not making clear it it was just. amodification to section k, or a replacment, meaning it ommits the original provision for diagnostic tests.

Timon .:. Editor



The Ministry of the Interior’s general provision that modifies criteria for temporary restrictions on non-essential travel from third countries into the European Union, and Schengen countries, for reasons of public order and public health, due to the health crisis, was published the Official State Gazette (BOE) this Saturday morning, November 27.

The resolution also removes Namibia from the exemption list of third countries, special administrative regions and other territorial entities and authorities, “in view of the fact that it is among the countries for which Member-States consider it appropriate to increase precautions”.

The exemption list of countries that are not affected by the current third-countries restrictions includes Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and China, in addition to the regions of Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan.

“The appearance of new variants of the causative agent of the disease at this time forces an increase to travel restrictions “, states the new text, produced by the Ministry directed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in an order which appears to no longer include, and therefore suppresses, negative diagnostic tests or recovery as valid documents to access Spain to people from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

If the new wording is to be followed to the letter, then Spain may now deny entry to travellers from third countries who have not “provided a vaccination certificate that the Ministry of Health recognizes for this purpose, after verification by the health authorities, including accompanying minors to whom the Ministry of Health extends the effects “.  At least for the whole of December, to enter Spain, you will need to show you have been vaccinated.

The general provision of the Home Affairs order, “which has been modified on successive occasions since it came into force in July of last year”, is to “take effect” from December 1st until 24:00 hours on December 31, 2021, except for the removal of Namibia from the list of exempt third countries, which is in force as of today.  The UK is not listed as exempt from restrictions, and so specific provisions are made within the legislation.

Current entry requirements for Spain in force since July, will now be updated

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