The Canary Islands’ Ministry of Health have announced that any resident over 70, who was vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, at least six months ago or more, may now attend any one of the mass vaccination centres on the islands to receive a third dose of this drug. This population group can also receive a flu jab at the same time as getting their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.

More than 83% of The Canary Islands’ population have received the full regimen of the available coronavirus vaccines, and booster shots are now being recommended particularly to vulnerable groups, and those who have only received the one-shot Janssen vaccine, to help reinforce the protection offered by these anti covid preventative treatments.  It should be remembered that although the vaccines do not guarantee immunity, they have been repeatedly shown to vastly reduce the incidence of severe covid and hospital emissions, greatly improving the health system’s ability to cope with further waves of infection.



The Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) is sending SMS invitations to residents vaccinated with Janssen informing them that they too should get a booster dose. Anyone vaccinated with Janssen at least three months ago, or more, will also be able to go with or without an appointment to these vaccination points to receive the booster dose. This group will be administered a dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as agreed in Spain’s National Health System Inter-territorial Council.

In fact anyone in the target population for the vaccine campaign, 12 years of age or older, who has not received a dose of a vaccine against COVID-19, is also invited to attend these vaccination points; as is anyone yet to receive the second dose of their vaccine, provided that the established waiting periods between shots are observed.

The SCS Canary Islands Health Department pointed out that on Gran Canaria, several mass vaccination points are available, from which to receive COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Points enabled on Gran Canaria
Infecar: Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 18:30.

Expomeloneras: Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 18:30.

Juan Vega Mateos Pavilion (Gáldar): Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 13:30.

Insular-Maternal-Infant University Hospital: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Dr. Negrín Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria : Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:30.

Appointment requests
You can also request an appointment by calling 012 (928 301 012 or 922 470 012), through the mobile app miCitaPrevia or on the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) website.

At the same time, and proactively, SCS vaccination teams are also calling some patient groups by telephone to receive these booster doses.

Preventive measures against COVID-19
The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health insists on the need to continue maintaining preventive measures against COVID-19 in order to avoid coronavirus infections.

Mask use, good hand hygiene, social distancing and proper ventilation of rooms all significantly help in reducing the risk of coronavirus infections.

Cheering megaphone If you have been vaccinated with #Janssen or are over 70 years old and need to get the booster dose Syringe against #COVID19, you can go WITHOUT APPOINTMENT from today to these vaccination points in Gran Canaria Down pointing backhand index