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Mysterious “A Team” rescue La Palma dogs on foot and leave a note

Mysterious “A Team” rescue La Palma dogs on foot and leave a note

The drones operated by the company Aerocámaras, equipped with a thermal camera and another with high magnification cameras and a speaker simulating sounds to attract the attention of the dogs trapped by the eruption of the La Palma volcano, on Wednesday, carried out reconnaissance flights in the area where a group of at least four dogs have been supplied with food and water for the last ten days, after the operator obtained the necessary permits to fly over the zone, according to the report from CEO of Aerocámaras, and professional pilot, Jaime Pereira, on Wednesday evening.

This Thursday however a banner has appeared, in images published by, at one of the two ponds where the dogs had been found. All the stranger because the place is deemed inaccessible, due to the fact that it is completely surrounded by lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Now a large homemade banner on white cloth has appeared, onto which is written, in red letters, “Fuerza La Palma. The dogs are fine.” and then signed off by the “A Team” (as in the famous television series).

Now the mystery centres on knowing who managed to access the place to erect the banner, and, of course, where the animals are now.

Reports varied from between four to six dogs trapped at an agricultural tank, surrounded by lava, who have been fed by drone in recent days, and now are apparently gone. The group claiming responsibility call themselves the “Team A”, and left a banner saying that “the dogs are fine”. Video images soon appeared online. However, many questions have arisen: who is this A Team? Who entered the restricted area? Who has a drone with a thermal camera so that they know where to step?

The administrator of animal protection organisation,, Alejandro Molina, who spearheaded the campaign to rescue the animals has said he is astonished by the events and has asked Pevolca for explanations as to who it may have authorised to enter such a dangerous area. “We are calm because the lava is not going to kill the dogs, but we are concerned because we do not know the state of the hounds,” he told Huffpost.

Molina expressed also concern that people might “creep” into the Pevolca exclusion zone. The latest drone images clearly show human footprints, seeming to prove that the rescue must have been on foot. have expressed frustration that Pevolca has put many obstacles in their way, which led them to hire the Galician company Aerocámaras to prepare the rescue operation using high tech drones.

The Hunters theory
News has emerged anonymously about a group who have quietly recognised the rescue operation, reported by the publication Club de Caza, saying that the dogs are “with their owners” and that they had never at any point been abandoned.

According to the publication, sources close to the owners confirmed that the dogs fled following the eruption of the volcano but that they were not abandoned during this time saying that the hunters have been quietly preparing their rescue for days.

If this theory proves to be accurate, this group would have entered the area against the safety guidelines of the volcanological authorities.

Director of Pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has pointed out that for his part “they have done everything they had to do” for the animals and that he has no further information on the subject.

The dogs, who have been surviving on a farm surrounded by lava on La Palma, had been feared dead after inspecting the entire area turned up no sign of them.

More news is expected about the animals and their current situation.

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