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Where is La Palma? asks The Sun, explaining with pictures of Las Palmas

Where is La Palma? asks The Sun, explaining with pictures of Las Palmas

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma has made headlines around the world.

The echo of the natural catastrophe occurring on La Palma since last Sunday has resonated so much that every day the foreign tabloids and international television networks report of the volcano.

Not every publication has been spot on, no matter how well funded. The lack of accuracy has in some cases been quite surprising, even after several days talking about the same situation.

British paper The Sun, published an article on their website about events on La Palma, without getting too concerned with little details like where the island of La Palma actually is. Using pictures of Las Canteras beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to illustrate the piece may well have confused some readers.

Las Canteras … On La Palma?
The article entitled ‘La Palma before the storm, where is La Palma?’, falls at the first fence as column inches dedicated to the island claim it as one of the most popular tourist spots for British holiday makers, even taking time to review the advantages of La Palma as a holiday destination and the great assets it boasts.  While we agree that La Palma is awesome, it is also some 400km+ west of Las Palmas.

The devil is in the detail
The feature image that accompanies the article is neither more nor less than one of Las Canteras beach, in the capital of a totally different island, Gran Canaria. The failure has not gone unnoticed on social networks.

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