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Near tragedy in Playa del Inglés pool as 7-year-old has to be evacuated by helicopter

Near tragedy in Playa del Inglés pool as 7-year-old has to be evacuated by helicopter

A seven-year-old boy was feared drowned in a swimming pool in Playa del Inglés, according to reports from the Policia Nacional.

The incident took place at 11:07 am on Tuesday, August 24, on Calle Gánigo, leading to Plaza Ansite, in the popular tourist resort town, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, first reported by the 1-1-2 Emergency and Security Coordinating Centre (Cecoes), after having received an alert from the reception of a hotel informing them that a lifeguard had rescued a minor from the pool with facial trauma that could have occurred on the edge of the pool..

Healthcare personnel spent more than 30 minutes resuscitating the minor, who had entered cardiorespiratory arrest and had suffered a serious head wound. After eventually getting positive life signs they managed to revive him.

The minor was evacuated, in serious condition, in a medicalised helicopter from the Canary Islands Emergency Services (SUC ) to the Canarian Maternal and Children’s University Hospital.

The scene was attended by members of the Protección Civil, National Police, Local Police of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and the Fire and Rescue Service.

Firefighters and civil protection personnel together with police secured the area for the landing of the medicalised helicopter.

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  1. Victoria

    Actually no. The lifeguard was nowhere to be seen and did not ‘rescue’ this boy. My cousin – a 9 year old girl called Mia Holmes, found the boy not breathing at the bottom of the pool and told her friends’ Dad who then rescued the boy from the pool and put him into the recovery position.

    The lifeguard did not arrive until several minutes after – so who knows where he was – but certainly not at his station or doing his job.

    The hotel or police have not spoken to Mia or the gentleman in question, to see how they are doing or coping, or even to investigate what has happened. The lifeguard needs sacking and the hotel investigating in my opinion as this boy is only alive (in a medically induced coma from what I’ve now heard) thanks to the actions of Mia and the man. Mia is understandably upset having seen everything she has but her family are so incredibly proud of her.

    Hopefully the boy survives with no lasting damage and hopefully my beautiful cousin is mentally ok.


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