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Guardia Civil detect 21 violations on the first day of the hunting season on Gran Canaria

Guardia Civil detect 21 violations on the first day of the hunting season on Gran Canaria

The SEPRONA Nature Protection Service, under of the Guardia Civil Command in Las Palmas, in coordination with Environment agents from the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, this week carried out inspections at the start of hunting season on August 8 on Gran Canaria, detecting 21 administrative offences of which 20 were due to non-compliance with Canarian Hunting Laws and one of them infringed Canarian Land and Protected Natural Areas Law.

Preventive surveillance

The beginning of the hunting season this year brought SEPRONA, from the Las Palmas Command and personnel of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, out to control the hunting of rabbits with dogs and ferrets, on the Island of Gran Canaria, to wilderness areas such as: Los Llanos de Ana López, El Solís, Camaretas, Juncalillo and Degollada de Becerra. In the operation they travelled throughout the summits for the most part with motorcycles and off-road vehicles in order to ensure compliance with hunting regulations and animal welfare, detecting a total of 21 administrative infractions, hunting without a license,  hunting with too many dogs loose in a safety zone and hunting in cultivation areas. In addition, illegal camping in the vicinity of Los Hornos de Tejeda was reported in contravention of the Land Law of Protected Natural Areas in the Canary Islands.

The current Law 7/1998, on Hunting in the Canary Islands, provides various penalties for non-compliance, such as the withdrawal and revocation of hunting licenses or disqualification for it, as well as fines ranging between €600 and €3,000 for less serious offences through to the more serious, as well as confiscation of materials and weapons used in the offence. The Civil Guard emphasise the need to have documentation in order for the exercise of hunting and the obligation to carry it during practice, as well as to show when requested to by the competent agents working in hunting surveillance, and to respect the current regulations on the matter, in order to conserve hunting wealth.

SEPRONA will carry out these inspection actions across the three islands that make up the province of Las Palmas over the coming weeks, for example, recently on Fuerteventura in coordination with the Cabildo’s Environment agents, a joint operation was carried out for the prevention of poaching that ended with the processing of 25 infractions of the Hunting Laws; Animal Protection Laws and Land Laws.

These actions will extend throughout the hunting season this year, to ensure that hunting is being practiced in a sustainable way and with guarantees for the safety of people, the environment and also complying with the regulations for the protection of animals.


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