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Canary Islands’ Amazon fulfilment centre under discussion on Gran Canaria

Canary Islands’ Amazon fulfilment centre under discussion on Gran Canaria

Consultants are reportedly looking into the potential for opening a large Amazon fulfilment centre on the island of Gran Canaria, writes La Provincia, and have been looking for land around one of the various industrial areas near the main commercial and passenger airport, at Gando. Specifically they have focused on the Free Zone of the port of Arinaga, but have also made enquiries about industrial estates in the municipalities of Telde and Ingenio.

Consultancies known to have worked on the opening of the other Amazon centres in Spain have requested information from public administrations and business organisations in the Canary Islands regarding the set up of a distribution base for their products, sending both within the Archipelago and to neighbouring African territories, representatives of those entities have confirmed. Contacts have been discreet and, for at least six months, similar inquiries have also been made on the island of Tenerife.

It is external consultants such as these who manage necessary procedures and the administrative groundwork with local authorities, and in many cases the construction of warehouses themselves. Some sources have reported that they are preparing feasibility studies to create a large logistics base, but without specifying whether it is Amazon or other mail-order sales and distribution companies.

The Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Gran Canaria have land available in the ports of La Luz and Arinaga, and is one of the organisations dealing with the consulting companies. Arinaga, in the municipality of Agüimes, with its Free Port and close proximity to the island’s main airport, is thought to be their primary target location, as the ideal place to create a large fulfilment centre for the Archipelago, and from which to dispatch to a wide range of West African countries.

The archipelago’s privileged geographical location, as an Atlantic oceanic tricontinental gateway, as well as favourable tax incentive regimes such as the Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC), make the islands extremely attractive to logistics and mail order companies, the largest of which is Amazon.  The potential for hundreds of jobs with a global brand such as this has created more than a little excitement on the island, though as of yet no decisions have been officially made.

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