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Alert Level 4 on Tenerife now means COVID certificates are required to enter indoor public spaces

Alert Level 4 on Tenerife now means COVID certificates are required to enter indoor public spaces

The Canary Islands introduced their new Health Alert Level restrictions this Monday with a potentially controversial new measure, covid passports to access indoor public spaces. It is now mandatory on any island at Health Alert Level 4, the highest of the Alert Levels currently only in force on Tenerife, to present the covid certificate to show vaccination, testing or recovery status. This document guarantees that a person has either had the complete vaccination schedule, has recovered from the disease within the previous six months or has had a test for the disease with a negative result within the 72 hours prior, and will be used to control access to “interior areas of hotel and restaurant establishments and others such as sports and cultural areas” for those over 18 years of age.

At Level 4 establishments must close between midnight and six in the morning, with some exceptions provided in the regulations. On public transport, passenger capacity has been reduced to 33%. The Government has announced reinforcement of the most used bus routes. Hotel and restaurant terraces have a maximum occupancy of 75% of their legal capacity and no more than six people per table. Inside, the capacity is 50% and only for customers who have the certificate, except those under 18 years of age. Each table may not exceed four people. At the bar drinks can only be consumed within signposted spaces and in groups of no more than two people together.

In cultural spaces such as cinemas or theatres, occupancy must be reduced to 55% of the available capacity. Access will be limited to those who have the COVID certificate and to stable “coexistence groups” of up to four people.

Inside gyms, 33% of the capacity must not be exceeded in each of the rooms and their access is limited to those who have the COVID certificate, as in betting and gaming establishments.

Public shows cannot be held at levels 3 and 4, and at children’s camps, whether indoors or outdoors, the capacity at level 4 is restricted to 33% with a maximum of 20 people and groups of four.

In swimming pools for collective use, at level 4 the capacity is 33% in the open air, groups of up to two people and spas and whirlpools must remain closed.

Indoor public swimming pools are only open for users who require the activity for therapeutic purposes and improvement of health.

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