A fight between several clients at a well-known leisure centre and security personnel, on the south of Gran Canaria this weekend has resulted in a complaint against the security guards by one of the young men involved involved in the altercation, as confirmed to Spanish Language Daily, La Provinicia, by the National Police yesterday, who are accused of a misdemeanour, causing injuries due to a shoulder dislocation. The management of the establishment have described the events as “regrettable” while the local mayor, Conchi Narváez, showed concern about the “bad image” that the events project of the south of the island.



The fight took place last Saturday around 01:30 in the morning, when four people started a brawl in the middle of one of the establishment’s terraces, after one of them had allegedly made a comment to a young woman. The four men started a violent punch up that for a few minutes caused a stir in the facilities, where part of the furniture ended up scattered across the floor.

A few seconds after the beginning of the incident, two of the nine security guards at the establishment came to separate the participants in the fight who then turned to attack the guards, the other seven guards joined the fracas to try and subdue the young people involved before expelling them from the premises, according to the management.

Once the troublemakers were evicted, the rest of the clients continued to enjoy their evening as normal. A video was shared on social media, but the fight did not cause any actual damage to the premises, although several young people did attend the Maspalomas health centre as a result of minor injuries.

Sources at the leisure centre explained that yesterday morning an emergency meeting was held between the management of the bar and the directors of the premises, where the bar terrace management agreed to be more scrupulous about who they let in there. The leisure centre have also said that they will hold a meeting with the security company. “If we find out that the guards attacked someone, the contract will be suspended and they will have to leave the post.”

After learning about these altercations, Conchi Narváez, expressed her “concern about the lack of health measures, the lack of control over people and the poor image that the municipality is giving itself.”

“We cannot tolerate that the image of all is tarnished by a few, especially that of a leisure centre which has made a significant investment to improve the enjoyment of families,” said Narváez, “I have asked the management to take measures to avoid the [a repeat of] images we are seeing.”

Asked about these accusations and concerns over a lack of sanitary security measures, the owners of the establishment where the fight took place denied that measures were lacking. “We receive several visits a week from both the Local Police and the National Police and we always receive congratulations for the control of capacity and the application of measures, and the mayor knows it,” they said. Every weekend they say they expel an average of 10 people from the premises who try to break the regulations in various ways including starting to dance, which under current restrictions is still not allowed in nightlife establishments.