XXXV Carrera Popular Maspalomas

XXXV Carrera popular Maspalomas 26 decThe Boxing Day 35th  Solidarity Fun Run in Maspalomas on Saturday 26 December.

The Fun Run, these days an urban circuit of San Fernando, is the oldest, and longest running, athletic event in the popular southern Gran Canaria tourist town and continues to generate interest not only among regular athletes participating  in the competitions, but also those interested in collaborating to support them. Registration for the now traditional solidarity mile is open to everyone until the day, thirty minutes before the start of the race.

The Solidarity Mile has an entry fee of just €3 which goes to the Elomar Association, a charity that will use it to purchase toys for children in the most disadvantaged local families.

More Information from the website : Carrera atletica Maspalomas  and you can check  the routes for the race 

PROGRAM OF THE EVENT: Saturday, 26 December, 2015
LOCATION: San Fernando de Maspalomas
MEETING POINT: Pabellón Municipal de San Fernando de Maspalomas
Athletic Race: 2 registration options:
2) Office of the Department of Sports
SOLIDARITY MILE : 3 registration options:
2) Office of the Department of Sports
3) On the day of the race, starting at 15:00 up to 30 minutes
before the beginning.
15:00 Opening of the area
15:30 registration and numbers given to the competitors
17:00  Start for Benjamin race. 1 lap of 550m.
17:10  Start for Alevín race. 1 lap 1000m.
17:25  Start of Kids and Cadet race. 1000m, 2 turns.
17:25  Youth start. March around 1000m.
18:00  Junior. 1 lap of 5km.
18:00  5km. 1 lap of 5km.
18:00  10km. 2 turns of 5km.
19:20  solidarity mile. 1 lap of  1km.
20:00  Award ceremony