Would-be taxi drivers test in Maspalomas

taxi testAspiring taxi drivers in the area of Maspalomas Costa Canaria and the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana must now undergo  testing before they can obtain a license. The objective of the new program is to assess their skills regarding behaviour towards users of the service, and especially preserving quality within the tourism sector.

This new measure, as well as other quite relevant practices, is part of a significant and progressive change in the ordinance regulating public passenger transport and taxi regulations, that have already received initial approval by the full Municipal Corporation with unanimous support.

Mayor Marco Aurelio Perez explained that the psychoanalytical tests are conducted by independent “outside technical experts” and complement the other examinations on the history, culture, customs and streets of the town, where applicants must demonstrate knowledge of public roads, places of tourist interest, the location of recreational facilities, municipal offices and official centres, major hotels, hospitals and cultural centres as well as public citizen safety, “and the most direct routes to reach the destination”.

This is extraordinarily good work from the SBT town hall, hoped to alleviate loudly voiced concerns as to the professional standards and strict observance of passenger safety from the fleet of licensed taxi drivers working on the south of the island.  Despite their very high standards of conduct, it has been deemed necessary to further reassure primarily foreign service users that the taxi drivers of Maspalomas are well regulated and expected to meet very high levels of quality.  Well done SBT! Thank you.

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