Woman detained in Arguineguin for neglecting her children while drunk

UPDATE:  We have been reliably informed by sources close to the case that there are serious errors in this story as reported by Spanish and UK media.

From what we understand, the woman was at no time “naked in the streets” and was instead suspected of being drunk in bed, where the children had been unable to wake her, so they tried to climb down a wall to go and get their grandfather who also lives in the house but was unaware of the situation. Neighbours say the police were called because the son was about to go over the the balcony and they could not contact a responsible adult.

The street entrance was not open, so the police entered the house using ladders onto the terrace, and it was the terrace doors that were not locked, therefore officers were able to enter the woman´s home without having to damage anything, once inside they found the mother on the bed intoxicated.

We are looking in to where the erroneous and salacious other details might have come from, the witnesses ended up spending hours in court.

Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico (Mogán) reportedly detained a 30 year old female foreign national last week, staying on Calle Nayra in the southern port town of Arguineguín, who, according to several witnesses, is accused of having neglected her two young children at home while she was herself intoxicated.

In a statement on the Guardia Civil apparently reported that several calls alerted them at around 22.00 on June 23 of a woman who was , according to media reports, apparently drunk and walking naked on one of the streets in the area of Patalavaca. Meanwhile, her children were seen throwing objects into the road from the place they were staying.

Upon arrival, the agents met with witnesses, who informed them that the tourist in question was inside the accomodation, and appeared to be intoxicated. Agents then went to the house, and finding the terrace door open they heard children crying, so immediately entered and found the house in disarray.

Agents say they found two children, a boy of 4 and a girl of 20 months apparently in a state of neglect, as the youngest was in her crib in poor condition, wearing a diaper with abundant excrement and with scratches on her thighs. In addition, the four-year-old kept crying and asking for food, the agents offered water and food to the two minors, who reportedly accepted anxiously.

Guardia Civil also verified that the mother of the children – whose initials are S.G.S. – was lying on the bed without any clothes and showing signs of being intoxicated.

Immediately, the officers initiated steps to take the minors into care and mobilised the relevant emergency resources through the 112 Canaries Emergency and Security Control Centre, and after the children received medical attention, the responsibility for them was given to children’s grandparent who lives in the same municipality.

Later the Guardia Civil detained the woman for the crime of abandonment of minors based on article 230 of the Criminal Code, passing the case to the corresponding Magistrates Court in the locality of Maspalomas.

British tabloids report that the woman is from the UK

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