Weather: Overcast start to the week, perhaps rain

Overcast intervals to the north and northeast of Gran Canaria to start the week, decreasing to clearer skies in some areas, but inland remaining overcast this afternoon; with some high cloud expected late in the day. Temperatures rising slightly throughout the day to between 16˚ and 22˚C, with northeast winds of 15 to 25 km/h, decreasing during the afternoon to between 10 20 km/h; Loose variable breezes all along the southwest coasts.

Rain and cloudy intervals, in the north and northeast of the island, expected for Tuesday morning, tending to more cloud in the second half of the day; elsewhere some intervals of mid altitude and high cloud expected to be increasingly overcast in the southern and southwestern slopes during the middle of the day. Generally weak rains expected to the north and northeast slopes in the second half of the day; with some low probability of weak rain and dispersed showers in other areas. Temperatures in the shade will remain unchanged perhaps rising slightly, except on the highest peaks where it is expected to be a little colder tomorrow. Northerly winds of 15 to 20 km/h, increasing during the afternoon to between 30 & 45 km/h, mainly on west facing and slopes; generally loose variable breezes along the south coast; inland and highland areas, can expect northwest to northerly winds to be stronger overall increasing from 35km/h to 50 km/h.

By midweek the skies should start to clear, particularly on the north of the island tending to cloudless intervals throughout the day; small amounts of cloud may remain during the early afternoon hours on southern slopes. Some occasional rainfall has not been ruled out during the morning.

The north winds may see a slight lowering in temperatures to between 15˚ & 20˚C in the shade, at least 5˚ higher in direct sunlight, with strong windy intervals inland and higher altitudes, decreasing during the second half of the day.

Sunshine starting to return by Thursday, temperatures little changed. Northerly winds, loose in general.

As the week comes to a close there is still a small chance of some weak and occasional rains on the north of the islands during the early hours. Temperatures remaining even with loose winds .

Calm waters with sea breezes for most of the week, beaches a little dull but warm, bright sunshine expected for the weekend ahead.

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