Cabildo believes Perez accusations “insane”


The Cabildo of Gran Canaria have described as “insane” accusations from the mayor of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Marco Aurelio Pérez (Agrupacion de Vacinos Partido Polular – AVPP), launched against the island president, Antonio Morales (Nuevo Canarias – NC), regarding the Siam Park Maspalomas project, which they consider to be “bordering on blackmail”.

In the presence of the promoter of the project, the owner of Loro Parque, businessman Wolfgang Kiessling, Pérez this Friday accused President Morales of having sent to his City Hall a “limpet bomb” that threatened the viability of the future water park, an investment valued at about 60 million euros, asking for protection measures for archaeological remains discovered a month ago.

On behalf of the Morales government team, Carmelo Ramírez (NC), the Cabildo Institutional Cooperation Councillor, has denied that the corporation intends to obstruct this tourist project and has emphasised that “it has been demonstrated that the site does not hinder the development of Siam Park. ”

“It should be made clear to the mayor and the public that the City Council is responsible for granting the license and there is no Cabildo action that has delayed or obstructed the concession, the appearance of remains has followed the normal procedure and from the beginning it was made clear that it did not prevent any [part of the project]” argued Ramirez in a press release ..

The NC Cabildo councillor claims that Loro Parque has been asking for a “license” to start the works “for several months”, and in his opinion, “the mayor should be asked what the delay is” in granting it, since the authorisations that the Cabildo were to issue have been available to the company since October.

Ramírez also denies that the government of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria (NC, PSOE and Podemos) intends to harm the tourist areas of the south, as suggested by the mayor of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

“There is absolutely no bad faith or perverse action on the part of the Cabildo,” he said.

In this sense, Ramírez points out that the Cabildo is not only working to continue the construction of Siam Park, but also to “unblock the conflict” generated at the Maspalomas Oasis, always maintaining its protection as a Property of Cultural Interest” ( a classification that it does not officially have, because the Regional Canarian Government did not approve it).

“And it should be noted that the mayor, has either been against or silent throughout the procedure,” he adds.

Ramírez also believes it to be “insane” that Perez accuses the Cabildo of paralysing development in the south, when “today an important business group, Lopesan, has said that it has a €1 billion investment held up because the municipality has not drafted the General Territorial Management Plan”.

Ramírez added that in his opinion Perez’s position “smells like shrimp” (that is to say “seems fishy”).

Meanwhile, despite calls for calm and working together on Wednesday, the confrontation between the Cabildo de Gran Canaria (Island governing council) and San Bartolomé de Tirajana Town Hall has continued, with Mayor Marco Aurelio Perez making a series of claims, in a live public interview published by La Provincia, against the island President, Antonio Morales, whom he unexpectedly made personal accusations against last week, regarding some perceived plot to block the concession for canalisation works of the El Veril ravine, where the Kiessling group plan to build their Siam Park water park attraction.

The mayor (from the conservative styled AV-PP party) insisted that the insular institution has slowed the investment and that the government of Antonio Morales (NC) has taken 18 months to issue the necessary reports to process the municipal permit.

The Regional government sent representatives on Wednesday last to try to quell the fiasco, making very clear that the newly found, pre-hispanic archaeological deposit, primarily of seashells, was of very low importance and unlikely to be any sort of obstacle to the water park project.  The also made clear to both Mayor Marco and the public that it should only be a matter of 10-15 days before this town hall will be able to sign off the long awaited final permission to allow the project development to break ground at last.