Repairs on the GC500 road from Taurito to Puerto de Mogán begin

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria have begun repairing the road from Taurito to Playa de Mogán (GC-500) just a week after the landslide that occurred on July 11 and forced the closure of the road between the roundabout of Taurito and Playa de Mogán, reports the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Ángel Víctor Torres.

The work, which has been awarded to the company Surhisa for a sum of €180,000, has begun after just a week because the Council of Public Works and Infrastructure of the Cabildo processed it as an emergency.

“We have managed to start the project in record time to reduce the inconvenience to road users since it is the only connection between Taurito and Playa de Mogán for vehicles that can not travel on the highway,” added Torres.

The work will last 2 and a half months and has begun with an assessment of the status of the slopes using a drone flight and will continue over the next few days with the installation of security and protection systems to carry out work at height.

These works at height include firstly the manual sanitation of slopes and the cleaning of loose material and the removal of unstable blocks.

Subsequently, the company will proceed to place a wire mesh of more than 300 meters wide and about 30 meters in height in order to provide greater safety to the operators when carrying out cleaning work on fallen material.

After that, the stripped material will be removed and the section of road affected repaired including the detachment and the restoration of about 40 meters of the retaining wall along the road, the replacement of the safety barriers, the pavement and any guttering along the road that was affected by the landslide.

Source: Cabildo de Gran Canaria